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Congratulations on being admitted to Waseda University! Waseda is home to over 50,000 students from all over the nation, and overflows with diverse, stimulating experiences on any given day. A lot of expectations are placed on new students, who suffer a great deal of anxiety at the same time. However, most of these anxieties and concerns are feelings that older students at the university have already experienced.
"Guidance for Juniors" is a support project based on the belief that seniors can be of assistance to new students. But what exactly is Guidance for Juniors?
what exactly is Guidance for Juniors?

Guidance for Juniors is a support project for new students accredited by Waseda University that was founded in 2007. (Main Office: Waseda Portal Office). Under the idea that "We should do everything we can do in order to support new students and relieve the anxieties and concerns they suffer at the start of their student lives," a staff of about forty experienced students collaborates with the university and assists new students. During the 2010 school year, we will be supporting new students by performing the following activities.

1.Course Guidance - course registration support through in-person counseling

Course registration is a prominent challenge that takes place before classes start. It is only natural that a number of questions are voiced by new students, a large majority of whom have no prior experience in registering for classes. This is why we here at Guidance for Juniors participate in and cooperate with the course registration counseling sessions held by the various academic departments. We offer our assistance so that course registration can be completed in a smooth manner by all new students. Also, so that new students can fully understand other course registration procedures, we cooperate in the creation of the "Course Registration Procedures" booklet.
The time and location of course registration counseling sessions varies between academic departments. Please refer to the documents distributed by the departments for more information.

2.Campus Guidance - Let us guide you to your classrooms!

There are a large number of campuses at Waseda University, including the Waseda, Toyama, Nishi-Waseda, and Tokorozawa Campuses. Each of these campuses has multiple buildings, and anyone can get confused the first time they try to find their destination. This is why Guidance for Juniors will offer its services to guide you to your classrooms before the start of your classes during the following schedule, once classes are being held. If you see a student wearing the jacket in the picture, don't hesitate to ask questions!

Look for this dark red jacket!
▲Look for this dark red jacket!

3.Guidance for Juniors' Blog @ NaviLog
- Offering new information helpful for new students, updated daily until the end of April

There is an enormous amount of information flying around Waseda University every day. So that important information doesn't get lost within this abundance, Guidance for Juniors will be transmitting vital information for new students and stories relating the life of experienced students through its blog until the end of April. The following diverse topics are already scheduled to be posted: "The life of a veteran student at Waseda University," "How to take a class at a university," "Information regarding interesting university services," and more. It goes without saying that the articles posted in March are also available for reading. Last year, the blog was accessed about 100,000 times during its three month long run. Please have a look!

【URL】 http://waseda-mnc.office.drecom.jp/kouhainavi/

From 2010 April 1st issue (No. 1210)