About Health Promotion: The Joy of Sport and Exercise Model Unit

Waseda University was chosen to take part in the ten-year project launched in 2014, and the Health and Sport Sciences model unit of the Faculty of Sport Sciences started as one of the priority model units to be implemented in this project.

Physical and mental well-being issues such as inactivity among children and the increasing number of elderly people who require nursing care are becoming increasingly evident in modern society. Japan is at the global forefront in terms of the severity of such issues. It is common knowledge that exercise and sports are important for addressing such issues. However, simply saying “We should exercise” to people will not solve the problem. It is essential to incorporate elements of fun and enjoyment into exercise for people to make a habit and routine of exercising. This model unit will proceed with scientific research on sports from this perspective and foster human resources capable of putting research findings into practice.

Since its establishment in 2003, the Faculty of Sport Sciences of Waseda University has been a driving force in the area of sport sciences. At the same time, Waseda University has turned out a large number of top athletes and made great efforts to provide them with all necessary support mainly through specialized coaches. From 2009 through 2014, our university implemented Sport Sciences for the Promotion of Active Life, a Global Center of Excellence under a Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology funding program. In this way, Waseda University has established sport sciences as an applied science area and has been leading the world in this field. Moreover, Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games. Taking advantage of the Top Global University Project, we will aim for the global development of sport sciences. To this end, partnerships with the world’s leading universities in this field will be strengthened for collaborative research. We will strive to become an international hub that attracts talented researchers and students around the world, especially from Asian countries.


Forum on Top Global University Project: Formulating an International Academic Network in Health and Exercise Science will be held from March 6th (Wed) to 8th (Fri), 2019
“Student Reports: Visiting universities in Thailand”
“Leveraging Mobile Technology at Events” by Dr. Filo Kevin from Gliffith University
“Sports Sponsorship” by Visiting Professor, Dr. Sebastian Uhrich from German Sports University Cologne
“Exercise Physiology and Biochemistry” Lecture by Dr. Zsolt Radak of Hungarian University of Physical Education
“Underlying Mechanisms for Substrate Homeostasis” by Dr. Katsuhiko Funai of University of Utah
“Mechanism of Mutually Beneficial Relationships between Employees and Consumers”by Dr. Kevin K. Byon from Indiana University
Special Lectures in English 2018
November 9th, 2017-February 10th, 2018
Study Abroad Destination: Loughborough University (UK)
Mr. Yohei Fujimoto's report is updated
”Formulating an International Academic Network in Health and Exercise Science”was held on March 1st and 2nd
Chulalongkorn University visited the Faculty of Sport Sciences
University of Bordeaux’s Dean of Sport Sciences visited Faculty of Sport Sciences
“Utilitarian approach in healthy exercises” by Dr. Zdenko Reguli of Masaryk University
Forum on Top Global University Project: Formulating an International Academic Network in Health and Exercise Science will be held on March 1st and March 2nd, 2018
New English-based Master’s degree program will be launched in the area of Sport Sciences
Kasetsart University visited Faculty of Sport Sciences
Report: Dr. Aaron Miller (CSU, East Bay) ‘s seminar is updated
Dr. Aaron Miller from California State University, East Bay will have a special lecture about "College Sports in America" on July 27, at Higashi-Fushimi Campus
Third Year Interim Report is updated
October 1st, 2016-February 1st, 2017
Study Abroad Destination: Loughborough University (UK)
Ms. Saki Tohkairin's report is updated
Sports-related Subjects Ranked 19th in the World University Rankings by Subject 2017
EURAXESS Japan Tour 2017 @Waseda: Research Cooperation & Postdoctoral Mobility to Europe through the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions to be held on February 7, 2017
September 12, 2016-December 2, 2016
Study Abroad Destination: German Sport University Cologne
Mr. Keishi Soga's report is updated
Kasetsart University visits Faculty of Sport Sciences
Graduate Employability: Waseda is #1 again in Japan, #26 in World
April 19, 2016-September 27, 2016
Study Abroad Destination: German Sport University Cologne
Mr. Takanori Homma's report is updated (Japanese only)
Dr. Martin R Lindley (Loughborough University) lectured on fatty acid intake
Prof. Michael Chia from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore lectured in English at Faculty of Sport Sceinces

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