Number Theory Workshop at Waseda University
Number Theory Workshop at Waseda University
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March 17 March 18 March 19

The 15th. Joint Workshop on Number Theory between Japan and Taiwan


March 17 (Wednesday) -- 19 (Friday), 2010


3-rd conference room, bldg. 55-S 2F, Nishiwaseda campus Waseda University


date 1 2 lunch 3 4 5 6
3/17 (Wed) 10:00-10:45 11:00-11:45 lunch 13:30-14:15 14:30-15:00 15:15-16:00 16:15-17:00
3/18 (Thu) 10:00-10:45 11:00-11:30 lunch 13:15-14:00 14:15-15:00 15:15-16:00 16:15-17:00
3/19 (Fri) 10:00-10:30 10:45-11:30 lunch 13:30-14:00 14:15-15:00 15:15-16:00 16:15-17:00


YU Jing (National Taiwan Univ.), KOMATSU Kei-ichi (Waseda Univ.), HASHIMOTO Ki-ichiro (Waseda Univ.), UMEGAKI Atsuki (WIAS)

Supporting Organizations

Waseda Institute for Advanced Study (WIAS)

March 17 (Wednesday)

10:00--10:45 ADACHI Norio (Waseda Univ.)

Algebra and the Axiom of Choice

11:00--11:45 OKAZAKI Ryotaro (Doshisha Univ.)

Diophantine Method for Weber's Class Number Problem

13:30 -- 14:15 HORIE Kuniaki (Tokai Univ.), HORIE Mitsuko (Ochanomizu Univ.)

On the narrow class groups of the Zp-extensions over Q for several primes p

14:30--15:00 MORISAWA Takayuki (Waseda Univ.)

Mahler Measure and Weber's Class Number Problem

15:15--16:00 KAWAMOTO Fuminori (Gakushuin Univ.), TOMITA Koshi (Meijo Univ.)

Continued fractions and Gauss' class number problem for real quadratic fields

16:15--17:00 MIZUSAWA Yasushi (Nagoyakougyo Univ.), OZAKI Manabu (Kinki Univ.)

On tame pro-p Galois groups over basic Zp-extensions

March 18 (Thursday)

10:00--10:45 SASAKI Yoshitaka (Kinki Univ.)

On multiple Mahler measure of higher degree and Witten's volume formula

11:00--11:30 TU Fang-Ting (National Chiao Tung Univ.)

Finite graphs and orders of M2(k) over local field k

13:15--14:00 SHIGEKI Nobutaka (Kyushu Univ.), KANEKO Masanobu (Kyushu Univ.)

Values of elliptic j-functions at real quadratic points and Markov quadratic irrational numbers

14:15--15:00 HSIEH Ming-Lun (National Taiwan Univ.)

On the non-vanishing of Hecke L-values modulo p

15:15--16:00 YU Jing (National Taiwan Univ.)

Definite quaternion algebras over function fields, and Brandt matrices

16:15--17:00 VOLKOVS Nikolajs (Univ. of Toronto)

A new digital signature algorithm with a generator kept secret

March 19 (Friday)

10:00--10:30 HYODO Fumitake (Waseda Univ.)

Explicit form of zeta-functions of some nilpotent groups

10:45--11:30 TSUSHIMA Takahiro (Univ. of Tokyo)

Stable model of the modular curves X0(p^4)

13:30--14:00 CHEN YaoHan (National Chiao Tung Univ.)

Cuspidal Q-rational Torsion subgroup of J() of Level p

14:15--15:00 KAGAWA Takaaki (Ritsumeikan Univ.)

The Diophantine equation X^3=u+v over real quadratic fields

15:15--16:00 ICHIHARA Yumiko (Hiroshima Univ.)

Non-vanishing of the automorphic L-functions at the point on the critical line

16:15--17:00 OI Shu (Waseda Univ.)

The formal KZ equation of two variables and harmonic product of multiple zeta values