Symposium, Seminar & Workshop(2018)


D a t e :November 24 (Saturday), 2018, 13:30-17:00
Venue :Room 601, Building 3, Waseda Campus, Waseda University
Participation : No registration required
Co-Sponsorship : Financial History Group of Japan Society of Monetary Economics (JSME)
and Waseda Institute of Political Economy(WINPEC)


13:30-14:30   Shinya Oishida (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Tokyo)
“Currency Market in China during the Northern Expedition by Nationalist Party”
14:45-15:45   Masahiko Shibamoto (Kobe University)
“Learning by Implementing Macroeconomic Policy: Empirical Assessment using Data in Early Modern Japan”
16:00-17:00   Eugene White (Rutgers University)
“Censored Success: How to Prevent a Banking Panic, the Barings Crisis of 1890 Revisited”




Date: Friday, 14 December 2018
Time: 13:00pm – 18:00pm
Venue: Room #411, Building # 8, Waseda Campus, Waseda University
Language: English


13:00 Opening Remarks, Prof. Naoto Kobayashi, Waseda University

Sesison I:   Chair: Haruko Noguchi (Waseda University)
13:15-14:00  Randall Ellis (Boston University)
"Movie Theatre Popcorn Pricing, the Physician's Hippocratic Oath, and Health Care Innovation" (with Izabela Jelovac)
14:05-14:50  Karine Lamiraud (ESSEC Business School)
"Strategic Pricing Behaviors in the Presence of Consumer Inertia: The Case of Health Insurance"
14:55-15:40 Stacy Chen (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)
"Using Matched Patient-Doctor Panel Data to Estimate Physicina-Patient Effects on Invasive Care"


Session II:   Chair: Yoko Ibuka (Keio University)
16:10-16:55  Nada Wasi (Bank of Thailand)
"The Impact of a BIlling System on Healthcare Utilization: The Case of Thai Civial Servant Medical Benefit Scheme"(with Jirawat Panpiemras and Wanwiphang Manachotphong)
17:00-17:45  Shiko Maruyama (University of Technology Sydney)
"An Incentive Program with Almost No Incentive: An Overlooked Benefit of Pay-For-Performance"

17:45: Closing Remarks