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Sustainable Purchasing

The Research Institute for Environmental Economics and Management (RIEEM) has been conducting a joint study with Arizona State University (ASU) on the realities and barriers of green public purchasing/procurement.
ASU has been conducting research projects on green public purchasing/procurement among various countries such as U.S. and Japan. A member of the projects, Professor Nicole Darnall, visited RIEEM in 2017 as an Abe Fellow for her current research. During that visit, she conducted a joint study on green public purchasing/procurement in Japanese municipalities. The results were summarized as "Green Purchasing in Japanese Municipalities".
In addition, we held a stakeholder meeting with the Ministry of the Environment, local governments, businesses and NGOs in December 2018. We discussed the current status, drivers, and barriers of green public purchasing in Japan.

The results of the research will be presented on this page.


Takuro Miyamoto(Tohoku-Gakuin University)
Toshi H. Arimura(Waseda University)
Miwa Nakai(Fukui Prefectural University)
Naonari Yajima(Waseda University)

Journal Articles

Advancement of Green Public Purchasing by Category: Do municipality green purchasing policies have any role in Japan?.

Miyamoto, T., Yajima, N., Tsukahara, T., and Arimura, T. H. (2020). Sustainability, 12(21), 8979.


Darnall, N.; Arimura, T.H.; Miyamoto, T.; Stritch, J.M.; Bretschneider,S.; Hsueh, L. Advancing Green Purchasing in Japanese Municipalities; Arizona State University, Center for Organization Research and Design, Sustainable Purchasing Research Initiative: Phoenix, AZ, USA; Waseda University, Research Institute for Environmental Economics and Management: Tokyo, Japan, 2018.