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Workshops and Research Seminar (selected)


Month Speakers Title
Februrary Michael Grubb (University College London) "Insights from the UK and its Electricity Market Reform"
January Xavier Labandeira(University of Vigo) "Energy/environmental taxation in the European Union (EUI and Spain: Effectiveness and equity)"


Month Speakers Title
December Yohei Mitani(Kyoto University) "Designing a Voluntary Mechanism for Efficient Private Land Conservation"
Hideki Shimada(Kyoto University) "Peer effects in landowners' voluntary participation: Evidence from a forest incentive program"
October Hyungna Oh (Kyung Hee University) "Lessons from the Korea Emission Trading Scheme"
Ulrich Wagner(Universität Mannheim) "Emissions Trading, Firm Behavior, and the Environment: Evidence from French Manufacturing Firms"
May Julia Blasch(Vrije Universität Amsterdam) "Behavioral anomalies and energy-related individual choices: the role of status-quo bias"
April John Fan(Griffith University) "Sustainable Factor Investing: Where Doing Well Meets Doing Good"


Month Speakers Title
December Nicole Darnal(Arizona State University) "Advancing Green Purchasing in Japanese and US Local Governments"at Green Puchasing Policy Stakeholder Meeting"
October Yukari Takamura (University of Tokyo) Keynote Speech at Symposium "Carbon Pricing and Energy Mangement"
August Majah-Leah V. Ravag(University of Philippines) "Energy Conservation “Nudges”: Evidence from a Randomized Residential Field Experiment in the Philippines" (Tokyo Environmental Economics Workshop )
Lucy O’Shea (University of Bath) "Quality: the prodigal son of household recycling" (Tokyo Environmental Economics Workshop )
July Majah-Leah V. Ravago(University of Philippines) "Coping with Disasters Due to Natural Hazards: Evidence from the Philippines"
May Andreas Ziegler (University of Kassel) "On the relevance of economic preferences, values, norms, and socio-demographics for electricity consumption" (Waseda WINPEC Seminar )
Heike Wetzel (University of Kassel) "Environmental efficiency and regulation in the electricity generation anddistribution sector " (Kassel-Waseda RIEEM Workshop )
January Corbett Grainger (University of Wisconsin) "Do Regulators Strategically Avoid Pollution Hotspots when Siting Monitors? Evidence from Remote Sensing of Air Pollution" (Tokyo Environmental Economics Workshop)
Masahiro Sugiyama (The University of Tokyo) "Exploring Japan's mid- and long-term mitigation pathways and challenges: A pilot model intercomparison study" (Tokyo Environmental Economics Workshop)


Month Speakers Title
December David Brown(The University of Alberta) "Carbon Pricing with an Output Subsidy under Imperfect Competition: The Case of Alberta’s Restructured Electricity Market"
Jian Zhou(Tsinghua University) "The role of carbon market policy in China" in Carbon Pricing Workshop
David Brown(The University of Alberta) "Carbon Pricing with an Output Subsidy under Imperfect Competition: The Case of Alberta's Restructured Electricity Market" in Carbon Pricing Workshop"
Jian Zhou (Tsinghua University) "The role of carbon market policy in China" in Symposium "Paris Agreement and Carbon Pricing" (Keynote Speech)
David Brown (The University of Alberta) "Carbon Pricing Policy in Canada: Achieving 2030 Emissions Targets" in Symposium "Paris Agreement and Carbon Pricing" (Keynote Speech)
October Joel Malen(Hitotsubashi University) "Out of sight, out of mind? How separation from pollution influences firm environmental impact"
Nicole Darnall(Arizona State University) "Ecolabel credibility and sustainable purchasing"
Hakaru Iguchi(Waseda University) "CEOs’ Religious Beliefs and Firms’ Voluntary Environmental Behaviors"
Takuro Miyamoto(Waseda University) "Supplier’s green R&D oriented by Green Supplier Development"
May Mario Giampietro (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona) "How easy is the decarbonization of modern economies? An analysis of energy uses in the economy of EU27 based on the concept of societal metabolism"
April Ikuho Kochi (University of Ciudad Juarez) "Valuing Morbidity Effects of Wildfire Smoke Exposure from the 2007 Southern California Wildfires"
Vincent Hoang (Queensland University of Technology) "Eco-efficiency analysis of sustainability-certified coffee production in Vietnam"
January Kozo MAYUMI (University of Tokushima) "Reconsidering Renewable Energy Policy in Light of Bioeconomics and MuSIASEM" in International Energy Policy Workshop
Samuele LO PIANO (Autonomous University of Barcelona) "A relational-analysis of the renewable energy functional elements of the energy sector and their interaction with society (MuSIASEM 2.0)" International Energy Policy Workshop
Hiroto TAKAGUCHI (Waseda University) "Promoting the Zero Energy Buildings in Japan" in International Energy Policy Workshop


Month Speakers Title
November Kohei Kamaga (Sophia University) "Infinite-horizon critical-level leximin principles: Axiomatizations and some general results"
Paolo G. Piacquadio (University of Oslo) "The Ethics of Intergenerational Risk"
Ken-Ichi Akao (Waseda University) "Symmetric Stationary MPNE in Differential Games"
Hsiao-chi Chen (National Taipei University) "An evolutionary approach to international environmental agreements with full participation"
Jennifer Sklarew (George Mason University) "Power Plays: Institutional Influences on U.S. Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Policies" in Climate & Energy Policy Workshop
Noriko Fujiwara (Center for European Policy Studies) "The EU Environmental Policy-Making Process: The Example of Climate Policy" in Climate & Energy Policy Workshop
June François Lévêque. & Romain Bizet (Mines ParisTech) Tokyo Environmental Economics Workshop "Nuclear power construction costs and lead times in France and OECD countries - Insights for present and future trends of the French nuclear power industry"