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Newsletter on Waseda University Brussels Office Workshop on Environmental Conservation Behaviors and Climate Policy Instrument

On March 16, 2021 Waseda University Brussels Office conducted the online workshop titled “Environmental Conservation Behaviors and Climate Policy Instrument”. The workshop consisted of collaborative research among researchers from the University of Kassel, Germany, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam and RIEEM, Waseda University. This workshop was supported by the Environment Research and Technology Fund (JPMEERF20172007 and JPMEERF20202008).

The workshop commenced with opening remarks by Prof. Toshi H. Arimura (Director, RIEEM). Prof. Andreas Ziegler (University of Kassel and ZEW-Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research) presented his research paper entitled “New Ecological Paradigm meets behavioral economics: On the relationship between environmental values and economic preferences”. This paper empirically examines whether environmental values are correlated with economic preferences from behavioral economics and considers possible consequences when independence is assumed. Prof. Miwa Nakai (Fukui Prefectural University) was the discussant.

Next, Prof. Julia Blasch (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) presented her working paper titled “Increasing the uptake of in-depth home-energy audits – A field experiment with Dutch homeowners”, co-authored with Menusch Khadjavi (ETH Zurich) and Giuliana Spadaro (Leiden University). This paper aims to test different price and non-price measures to stimulate the uptake of energy-efficient renovations and clean energy equipment among Dutch homeowners, by stimulating the uptake of detailed in-home energy audits. Prof. Shigeru Matsumoto (Aoyama Gakuin University) provided insightful comments to the presentation as discussant.

Next, Prof Toshi H. Arimura (Waseda University) presented his paper titled “Determinants o individual pro-environmental behaviors in Japan: Any Role of Non-state actors” which is a joint work with Riga Wu (Waseda University) and Miwa Nakai (Fukui Prefectural University). This paper investigated the key factors particularly the role of non-state actors that influences the individual proenvironmental behaviors in Japan. Elke Groh (University of Kassel) served as the discussant to this presentation.

The final presenter of the workshop was Mriduchhanda Chattopadhyay (Waseda University). She presented her working paper entitled “Behavioral traits and support for climate policies: Study of Japanese households” coauthored with Prof Toshi H. Arimura (Waseda University). This paper explores the determinants of public support for climate policy instruments in Japan. Prof. Andreas Ziegler (University of Kassel) was the discussant. The workshop concluded with concluding remarks from Prof. Andreas Ziegler (University of Kassel). The workshop was closed after the discussion on future collaboration among the participants.