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Discussion Papers

RIEEM Discussion Paper Series


Success and Failure of the Voluntary Action Plan: Disaggregated Sector Decomposition Analysis of Energy-related CO2 Emissions in Japan

The Distributional Effects of Climate Change: Evidence from Iran

Individual Sustainable Investment in Japan


Advancement of Green Public Purchasing by Category: Do municipality green purchasing policies have any role in Japan?

Global fossil fuel consumption and carbon pricing: Forecasting and counterfactual analysis under alternative GDP scenarios

Subjective risk belief function in the field: Evidence from cooking fuel choices and health in India

A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of Environmental Tax Reform in Japan

Optimal Dynamic Incentive Contracts between a Principal and Multiple Agents in Controlled Markov Processes: A Constructive Approach


Subjective Probabilistic Expectations, Indoor Air Pollution, and Health: Evidence from cooking fuel use patterns in India

Impact of the Saitama Prefecture Target-Setting Emissions Trading Program on the Adoption of Low-Carbon Technology,

The Impact of the Tokyo Emissions Trading Scheme on Office Buildings: What factor contributed to the emission reduction?,

Optimal steady state of an economic dynamic model with a nonconcave production function,

Critical capital stock in a continuous time growth model with a convex-concave production function,

Existence of an optimal path in a continuous time nonconcave Ramsey model

Can subsidy programs change the customer base of next-generation vehicles?,

Civil armed conflicts: the impact of the interaction between climate change and agricultural potential,

Dynamic Incentives and Permit Market Equilibrium in Cap-and-Trade Regulation,

Evaluating the externality of vacant houses in Japan: The case of Toshima municipality, Tokyo


The Introduction of Wind Power Generation in a Local Community: An Economic Analysis of Subjective Well-Being Data in Chōshi City

How much household electricity consumption is actually saved by replacement with Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)?

Seemingly Unrelated Interventions:Environmental Management Systems in the Workplace and Energy Conservation Behaviors at Home

Information Leverage: The Adoption of Clean Cooking Fuel in Bhutan


Measuring the spatial effect of multiple sites

An Evolutionary Approach to International Environmental Agreements with Full Participation,

The Ethnics of Intergenerational Risk,