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Research Institute for Environmental Economics and Management(RIEEM)

This institute conducts empirical studies that examine firms' environmental voluntary actions as well as public policies for energy conservation, renewable energy and emission trading, providing evidence-based policy recommendations. We attempt to develop new areas of environmental research by integrating interdisciplinary perspectives from economics, business administration, political science, and engineering. Research results will be reported mainly by publishing them in leading academic journals and presenting them at academic conferences. We will collaborate with research institutes in the U.S. and Europe and conduct comparative studies on environmental policies across countries, with an aim to propose policy measures that are not only effective but also acceptable to stakeholders. We will also examine developing countries where carbon dioxide emissions are expected to increase, in collaboration with research institutes in those countries. We hope that this institute will eventually serve as a research hub in the Asia-Pacific Region for environmental economics and management, and policy studies.


Discussion paper No.2102E has been uploaded.

The Rebound Effect in Air Conditioner Usage: An Empirical Analysis of Japanese Individuals’ Behaviors

Prof. Arimura has published a paper “EEPS special issue on “Carbon Pricing in East Asia”” in Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy Studies.
Discussion paper No.2101E has been uploaded.

Success and Failure of Voluntary Action Plan Disaggregated Sector Decomposition Analysis of Energy-related CO2 Emission in Japan

Newsletter No.15E has been uploaded.
Newsletter for the Waseda University Brussels Office Workshop
Prof. Nakai has published a paper “Revisiting the determinants of individual sustainable investment—The case of Japan” in Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance.
Prof. Arimura gave a talk on decarbonization and carbon pricing at Tokyo College. The video is published at YouTube (First Session and Second Session).
Discussion paper No.2007E has been uploaded.

The Distributional Effects of Climate Change: Evidence from Iran

Prof. Taruiy (University of Hawaii) has published a paper “Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on global fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions” in Energy Economics.
A book review of Carbon Pricing in Japan from Ms. Reo Kawamura, Director of the Ministry of the Environment (Japanese only)
Prof. Iguchi, Prof. Katayama, and Prof. Yamanoi have published a paper “CEOs’ religiosity and corporate green initiatives.” in Small Business Economics.
Prof. Takeda and Prof. Arimura have published a paper “A computable general equilibrium analysis of environmental tax reform in Japan with a forwardlooking dynamic model” in Sustainability Science.
Prof. Matsumoto has published a paper “An economic model of home appliance replacement: Application to refrigerator replacement among Japanese households.” In Environmental Economics and Policy Studies.
Discussion paper No.2006E has been uploaded.

Individual Sustainable Investment in Japan

An article on the green public purchasing has been uploaded to the page of the Special Projects.
Dr. Miyamoto, Mr. Yajima and Prof. Arimura published a paper on green purchasing by Japanese local municipalities in Sustainability.
Dr. Onuma, Prof. Matsumoto and Prof. Arimura have published a paper “How much household electricity consumption is actually saved by replacement with Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)?” in Economic Analysis and Policy.
Ms. Wakabayashi and Prof. Arimura have published a paper “The role of staff assignment in implementing energy-conserving practices in small- and medium-sized firms: an empirical analysis based on data from a Japanese survey.” in Energy Efficiency.
A homepage that introduces the research project supported by Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency (2-2008) has been completed.
An Open Access book “Carbon Pricing in Japan” has been published as an achievement of the research project supported by Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency (2-1707).
Discussion paper No.2005E has been uploaded.

Advancement of Green Public Purchasing by Category: Do municipality green purchasing policies have any role in Japan?

The article for an interview with Prof. Joel Malen has been uploaded in the researcher's interview.
Discussion paper No.2004E has been uploaded.

Global fossil fuel consumption and carbon pricing: Forecasting and counterfactual analysis under alternative GDP scenarios

Prof. Sugino and Prof. Arimura have just published a paper, "Energy‐Related Environmental Policy and Its Impacts on Energy Use in Asia" in Asia Economic Policy Review.
Prof. Matsumoto and Dr. Onuma have just published a paper, "Measuring household ability to adopt new technology: The case of light-emitting diodes (LEDs)" in Journal of Cleaner Production.