Your energy moves the world


Training and producing intelligent professionals
The Power Energy Professional training program, or PEP, is an integrated 5-year doctoral development program based on the world-class educational and research standards through cooperation with 13 universities with the purpose of producing intelligent professionals in an era in which power and energy infrastructure and systems, which are the foundation of human activities, are experiencing dramatic changes.
  • List of collaborating universities and professors
    We have realized an unparalleled educational platform in both quality and quantity through the cooperation with 13 universities, with studies ranging from electrical engineering and materials science & engineering, to humanities and social sciences, which contribute to energy innovation.
  • List of collaborationg companies
    We enact practical research and education through cooperation with companies and industries in the diverse range across all energy-related fields, from electricity and gas to oil and hydrogen, in order to create a new energy industry.


A special integrated 5-year curriculum
Through a curriculum in cooperation with universities and companies both within Japan and internationally, students will acquire multi-faceted knowledge and practical skills to become the standard-bearers of a new era. By adopting on-demand lectures and rubric evaluation that visualizes achievement, an educational system that ensures acquisition of high-quality learning can be realized.


Maintaining an environment where students can focus on learning
The program provides support from many angles, from research assistant costs and scholarships for training young researchers to costs associated with dispatching to foreign universities and companies or publishing theses at international conferences. We also offer career advice after the course is completed.


Entry process from application period to entrance exam date
In these times, doctoral graduates are needed more than ever. Through PEP, aim for becoming an intelligent professional who can go out into society armed with plentiful experience and advanced knowledge in the fields of electric power and energy.