2019.03.12 / 活動報告
横浜国立大学 | 理工学府 数物・電子情報系理工学専攻 D1 : 斉 晶婷




I am D1 student of Yokohama National University. And it is my honor to attend the orientation trip this time which is held by PEP outstanding program 1st. It was a wonderful 2-days study trip. Researchers who study in various fields came together to have a communication with each other. Firstly, participants of program gave their self-introduction respectively which involves his/her personal profile and a simple summary of research. Then, the second activity is a discussion about the future society in 2050 which requests the teamwork. Through the teamwork, we share our viewpoints and acquired new ideas from others. As a current researcher, having various perspectives is of prime importance in order to realize a good research and development which is useful in the real society. Owing to many foreigner participants from the different countries and various fields, we have an opportunity to broad our horizons and deep our understanding of research. On the other hands, there is also a sport communication which is held in the second day. There are a lot of choices participants can choose such as tennis, ping-pang, soccer or softball. I joined the softball team A this time. Although I was a beginner in softball, I hit the ball successfully with the guidance of team members. Not only in the study, but also in the sports, we had a good communication with each other. I really appreciate this program for the amazing experience I never had.