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About us

The WASEDA Science and Engineering Partners program helps connect students and companies.

This partners program aims to develop Waseda’s science and technology students as human resources who will contribute to scientific and technological development in future.
Companies can support this initiatives by registering with a contribution or donation as a “partner company”. Through this program, we are building a new partnership between companies and the university.

Intention of our work
Together with private corporations, we intend to offer programs that cultivate human resources in the science and engineering field of Waseda University, which is in charge of science and technology development for the next generation.
With funds from partner companies, we help construct a “new cooperative model between companies and the university.” 
We scout companies that agree with and support what we do, ask them to register as a partner company and help us in our endeavors, such as participating in our events or with financial contributions.
Base Organization
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
April 2010
Main activities

Development Programs
Scholarship programs, sponsoring Unilab and supporting WASEDA craft center

Organizing Events
Career Support Programs, Joint Company Information On-Campus Session

Partners’ Benefit
Priority participation in every event WASEDA Science and Engineering Partners program hosts.


Three purposes of WASEDA Science and Engineering Partners program

Educating and nurturing students together with private companies.

Your sponsorship will support students in the schools of science and engineering at Waseda University.

Partner companies and the university will help children who will lead future world.

Connecting students, companies and the university.

Partners member companies will be able to participate in our programs and events at no extra fee.

“Career Support Programs” and “On-Campus, Joint Company Information Sessions” will be held at least 5 times a year. Member companies will be invited.

Enhancing the possibilities of future of science and technology.

Connecting companies with students will enhance the possibilities of the future of science and technology.

Helping students think globally.


Steps to register as
a partner company

First academic year


Second academic year and later


Click here for inquiries on sponsorship.

Amount of funding is 500,000 yen/year. This includes participation fees for our events and programs.