Waseda Moodle User Guide

Click here for the Japanese version.



Waseda Moodle is the new LMS (Learning Management System) that will be replacing Course [email protected] from the 2020 academic year.
Originally based on “Moodle”, an open source learning platform used by schools and universities world-wide, it provides multi-device support as well as multi-lingual user interfaces.

To access, select the [Home] tab from your MyWaseda menu, expand the [Learning Support] dropdown menu and click on [Waseda Moodle].

1.Click the menu

2.Waseda Moodle starts


Start Here

Waseda Moodle First Steps (PDF:1.8MB)

Waseda Moodle Introduction Video (Appx. 3 min.)


Training Seminars (As of November 25) – Japanese ONLY

Waseda Moodle training seminar held in December 2019 can also be viewed on YouTube.
Introduces login, activities (Announcement, Assignment), resources (File), and how to switch roles. The materials of the day are posted at the top of the "Useful Content Content for Faculty" course provided in Waseda Moodle (only faculty and staff can view).


Courses for All Faculty

Waseda Moodle offers courses available to all teachers.
Please use it to check operability and prepare for classes.

Trial Course

This course allows you to freely try out the various content.
Only yourself will be registered, so no one will be able to see the content you create within this course.
You can also import any content you create in the Trial Course to actual courses that you teach, so you can use this space to test your content before publishing them for students. Please feel free to try various things while you wait for your courses to be transitioned from Course [email protected] to Waseda Moodle.

Useful Content for Faculty and Staff

All faculty have the ability to view their courses as students to see how the courses look from a student perspective.
Quiz samples are available for download.


How to Use

How to log in to Waseda Moodle

To log in, select the [Home] tab from your MyWaseda menu, expand the [Learning Support] dropdown menu and click on [Waseda Moodle].

User Manuals

User manuals can be accessed from the Waseda Moodle dashboard.

Select the [Home] tab from your MyWaseda menu, expand the [Learning Support] dropdown menu and click on [Waseda Moodle].
Use the following links on the Waseda Moodle dashboard to access the manuals.

 Waseda Moodle manual
 Moodle Docs

Manuals can also be accessed from the [Manuals] section of the MyWaseda menu.

Log in to MyWaseda
 └ Homepage Right-side menu [Manuals]
  └ [ Waseda Moodle User Manual (For Faculty) ]

Manuals can also be found at the following links.

User manual for faculty members
 Manual for teachers.
 Explains each function and the steps for carrying out various tasks.

Moodle Docs (English)
Moodle Docs (Japanese) 
 Moodle community.
  *Recent changes are reflected in the English version.

Open non-regular courses, Add/Delete members to non-regular courses

You can apply for non-regular courses and add and delete members using a dedicated form.
Please refer to the following manual to access the application form.

16-00.Overview of the application and access to the application form*In Japanese
 Manual for teachers.
 Explains how to access the application form and the application procedure.



1.Refer to the manual

Please refer to the user manual and “Moodle Docs”, the Moodle-community wiki, if you have any questions about using Waseda Moodle.

2.IT Desks

Each campus has an on-site IT desk for addressing IT service inquiries. Please contact your local IT desk to receive advice on how to solve your Waseda Moodle or other IT related problems.
Click here for a list of IT desks.

3.Email the Helpdesk

Please submit an inquiry to the “HELP DEDK inquiry form” using the inquiry form on Waseda.Moodle's Dashboard