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In MyPortfolio, students compile a daily record of lessons and observations about student life.
Moreover, MyPortfolio is a system that provides a comprehensive and sweeping view of university life by enabling the student to look back on his or her record and visualize their personal growth.

  • MyPortfolio is linked to the course records system and other electronic systems within the university and automatically records courses as well as university approved overseas study, volunteer activities, and extra curricular activities information.
  • Students can also record off-campus activities that they have taken part in, such as internships, part-time work, and certifications completed.
  • Students can also put together a daily record by keeping a blog-style diary and uploading reports and reference images.

Select the content you want from your Profile, Diary, File, Courses, and Extra Curricular Activities History to create a Portfolio Page about your studies and growth and present your university achievements to the outside world.


How to Use

How to log in to MyPortfolio

Select [Student Affairs] from the MyWaseda global menu, click on [MyPortfolio] from the service menu, then click on [MyPortfolio].

1. Click [MyPortfolio].
2. MyPortfolio front page opens.

User Manuals

For Students
For group administrator (faculty and staff)

Important Notes

Before publicly presenting your information, carefully read the manual and important notes in MyPortfolio and be sure to observe the rules regarding the disclosure of personal information and regarding copyrights and portrait rights.