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What is Box?


Waseda University has partnered with Box, an online storage service tailored to students and academic staff members. Box is designed to foster information sharing and community activities among users inside and outside the University and to mitigate the risks of security breaches due to the loss or theft of smartphones, tablets, or client computers.

In addition to its unlimited storage capacity and support for mobile devices, Box has many powerful functions that make education, research and business easier than ever, such as previewing more than 100 files types right in your browser and controlling devices to sync files using client apps.

Besides letting students and academic staff members securely share teaching materials, notes, reports, research data, research papers, and teaching and research information with others inside and outside the University, Box is useful as a storage destination for valuable research findings and other digital data and a storage destination for various kinds of system data.


Box, the online storage service

Box, the online storage service, is a cloud service that stores data on the Internet. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can store and access data on Box via a web browser or the Box smartphone app. With Box, you no longer have to transport your data on a USB drive or other media to the University if you want to carry on editing a document you made at home.

Be sure to abide by the guidelines and the terms and conditions when using Box.


Box service features provided by Waseda University

Collaborators within the Personal folder

Waseda’s Box service provides a Personal folder in each user account to ensure users do not accidentally share files stored on Box to others inside or outside the University. Users can store any files they like within their Personal folder.

The system assigns "学内管理者", or the University administrator as the owner of Personal folders, as shown in the figure on the right. "学内管理者" refers to the system administrator at the IT Strategies Division, which provides the Box service. The "学内管理者" operates the Box service in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 6 (Article 158 through Article 164) in “早稲田大学情報関連システム利用内規”, or the Waseda University Information System Usage Rules (in Japanese).

Files within the Personal folder cannot be shared with other users inside or outside the University. Only graduate students and academic staff members may apply to create folders for sharing files with other users.

Note: Check the manual for administrative staff members for file sharing by administrative staff members.


User eligibility and usage restrictions

You can start using Box the day after you obtain a Waseda-net mail address/Waseda mail address.
Data stored on Box will be deleted upon leaving the University.

User eligibility Usage restrictions
Students, excluding non-degree students Able to use Box as permitted for their eligibility level.
Full-time Faculty members, professors, academic staff members without tenure, visiting academic staff members, associates, research associates, and research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC,PD,RPD) Able to use Box as permitted for their eligibility level.
Administrative staff members Able to use Box as permitted for their eligibility level


Storage space, restrictions on storing data, file and folder sharing

Storage space
Maximum file size
Restrictions on storing data

Restrictions apply to the kinds of data that can be stored on Box, as stated in Article 7 of the Box Usage Guidelines.
Check the Box Usage Guidelines and be sure to not store prohibited types of data. Protect restricted data by setting a password for each file. Furthermore, ensure stored data, regardless of the category, are not in violation of third-party copyrights.

Data categories for files stored on the Box service (IT Strategies Division) (in Japanese)

This table lists examples of restricted data.
Data Category Description Examples
Prohibited data (Highly confidential information) Must NOT be stored on Box My Number national identification numbers, certificate of residence codes, health insurance card numbers, driver license numbers, credit card information, financial institution account numbers, passport numbers, visa numbers, data subject to Foreign Exchange Act regulations, information from private consultations (legal, psychological, medical, etc.), and medical information (clinical records, examination results, insurance invoices, etc.)
Restricted data (Confidential information) Passwords required for the file, when stored, and for Box, when shared[*] • Personal information, privacy-related information (student information, etc.)
• Confidential information not to be released outside the University (administration information, etc.)
Restricted data (Information requiring special handling) Passwords recommended for the file, when stored, and for Box, when shared[*] • Research information, etc.
• Toxic material information, management and financial information, planning information
• Information and materials to be released publicly

[*] File and folder sharing are available to only graduate students and academic staff members who apply.

File and folder sharing
Only graduate students and academic staff members are permitted to share files and folders with Box to other users inside and outside the University. If qualified, you must first apply to the IT Strategies Division before sharing files or folders. Make applications on MyWaseda [IT Services] > [Help Desk] > [申請/Application] > [システムサービス・機器・ソフトウェア・施設利用] > [オンラインストレージBox共有フォルダ利用申請].


System requirements

Refer to the official Box website for detailed system requirements.

Box supports devices that run on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.
Box supports the two latest versions of each operating system.
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge, two latest versions
  • Safari (macOS, iOS), two latest versions
  • Firefox, two latest versions
  • Google Chrome, two latest versions
Other requirements
Java must be installed to use the folder upload function.



You can access Box from your smartphone or tablet by downloading official Box apps.
Using Box from any app other than an official Box app is prohibited.

Note that Waseda University is unable to provide support concerning the use of official Box apps.