[Important] Strengthen security against unauthorized login

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Waseda University is strengthening security measure to prevent unauthorized logins to the University's systems in cooperation with information security organizations.

As a security emergency measure, system login ID may be suspended to protect your important information that stored in users' email(Waseda Mail), online strage(box), etc. when the follwing events are detected.

If you are suddenly unable to log in to the system, please contact the IT Helpdesk using the follwing inquiry method, as there is a possibility that the security emergency measure.

Examples of cases in which emergency measures are taken to protect information

Event classification Concrete example
Cases in which leakage of credential information is suspected
  • Through investigations by various organizations related to information security, it was detected that information that appeared to be a specific login ID and password associated with the ID was circulating in the black market.
  • We detected that there is a high risk of password leakage due to multiple logins that were suspected to be from other persons.
Cases in which a login from someone other than the user is suspected
  • Unusual movement was detected (e.g., a login from Japan at a specific time, but a login from the U.S. was detected a few minutes later).
  • Logins from unusual locations were detected (e.g., a person who usually logs in only from the Tokyo area, but logins from foreign countries where he or she had never logged in before are increasing).


How to inquire

If you have trouble logging in to the Waseda University system, please try "If you cannot log in to MyWaseda" first.

If you still have problems, please use this form or send an email to the IT Help Desk.
Please see here for instructions on how to send an email.