Computer Room Guide

Click here for the Japanese version.

Please comply with the following rules below for using the Computer Room to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus.

1)On the day of entering the Computer Room, take your temperature at home, make sure it is at your average body temperature, and keep a record of it.
2)Wash your hands before you enter the Computer Room.
3)Please use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you enter the Computer Room.
4)Wear a mask.

Classroom search

Equipment and software can be searched from the classroom name.

See here for equipment in classrooms other than the computer room.


Software search

From the software name, you can search for the classroom in which it is installed.

Software search(in Japanese)

The computer room may be temporarily closed. In case of damage,
check the System/Maintenance Information.


User support

This provides guidance on how to use the PCs and printers etc.

Guidance on use(in Japanese)

Frequently asked questions and answers on use of the computer rooms.

Frequently asked questions and answers(in Japanese)


Guidance on the usage status

You can check the computer rooms that can be used and number of vacancies from your smartphone and PC.

Guidance on usage status (PC/smartphone version)

See here for detailed usage, mobile telephone version and QR code.

Usage guidance(in Japanese)


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