Off-Campus Access Using VPN

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Off-campus access using VPN

To access Waseda University network from off-campus, you need to install a software called "Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client" [*1] on your computer and make a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection .
Since Waseda University restricts access to its network to people related to the university only, you need to login using a Waseda ID or Waseda mail address and password to establish a VPN connection. Note that since any computer connected to the on-campus network is considered part of the on-campus network of Waseda University, you must comply with all regulations specified by IT Strategies Division.
The services provided by the university are limited to the use within the university (journal database etc which the university contracts etc.). Such a service can not be used even by making a VPN connection.

 VPN is a technology which allows virtual access to our on-campus network from any network outside that of Waseda University. When a VPN connection is established from off-campus, communications with our network will be encrypted by Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client. Any other communications you will use your usual connections (for example, via an ADSL connection provided by an Internet service provider).

  • *1 You do not need to install special software on Mac.
  • *2 Viewing of sites with URLs containing the word “LOCAL,” e.g. http://www.******/LOCAL/*** (*** represents any arbitrary set of characters) is restricted to people related to the university. You can view these Web sites by using VPN.

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How to set up and make a connection

This section outlines the process. For detailed information on the setup procedure, refer to the manual in the MyWaseda.

1)Required hardware and software Hardware
Windows 7/8.1/10, Mac OS X 10.7 or higher、iOS
Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

* Mac OS 10.13 lower, iOS : You do not need to install special software.

If you can't login to MyWaseda, Please download
the manual and software from the following URL.

[Manual, Software]
→Global navigation [IT Services]
→Left side Service Menu [Support and Application for the systems (Helpdesk)]
→Click the following folders/files
 [マニュアル等/Manual and Software]
  └[VPN利用による学内ネットワーク接続/Off-Campus Access Using VPN]

2)Initial setup
(Do first)
  • Windows, Mac OS 10.14higher : Install "Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client
  • Mac OS 10.13lower, iOS : Wireless network (VPN) setup
3)Making a connection
(Every time, do)
  • Proxy setup
  • Start the Connection (VPN) and enter your user ID and password.

    * The user ID is your Waseda ID or Waseda mail address, and the password is your password.

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If you cannot connect to the VPN

Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] (in Japanese) .