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Waseda University is participating in eduroam JP


Method of use

1. Those with a Waseda Mail address use the eduroam base station

The Waseda Mail address and password can be used on eduroam[*1][*2]
For example, if you are out at a university that is participating in eduroam, and they are providing a base station, you can connect by wireless LAN at that university using the Waseda Mail address as the user ID. For the method of use and location of the base stations, see eduroam JP.

  • *1 This cannot be used by alumni (graduates).
  • *2 Those who usually use the campus wired LAN network need to remove the proxy setting when using eduroam. For instructions on temporarily disconnecting the proxy, please see here(in Japanese).

2. Those with an account at an eduroam participating institution use a wireless LAN connection inside the Waseda University campus

If you have an account at an eduroam participating institution, you can connect using a wireless LAN connection from an eduroam base station provided within the Waseda University campus.
For the method of use, see eduroam JP.


Locations where it can be used (access points)

For the eduroam base stations provided within the Waseda University campus, see Locations where wireless LAN is available (access points).


Notes on use

When connecting to eduroam using the Waseda-net e-mail address from within the Waseda University campus, this is treated as an external network, so services that are only available within the campus network will not appear (example: databases/electronic journals etc. contracted to Waseda University).
When using services that are only provided within the campus network, use the campus network (Wireless LAN Connections, Wired LAN (DHCP) Connections)rather than eduroam.


Frequently asked questions and answers

See here (in Japanese) for frequently asked questions and answers related to the wireless LAN connection.