Create or Change Waseda ID

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Waseda ID is used for the authentication when you use IT services offered by Waseda University. Your initial Waseda ID is based on a student ID number or a faculty/staff ID number. You can create your Waseda ID to the one you like.
You can change the created Waseda ID, limited to only once a year.

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Steps to Create/Change Waseda ID

* From 2:00 am to 4:00 am, the function cannot be used due to daily maintenance.

This step is the direction that has already acquired Waseda Mail.
If you do not have a Waseda Mail address and are using MyWaseda for the first time, please refer to "Starting to Use MyWaseda".

1 Open your web browser.
Display the MyWaseda Login Page (
2 Login using your Waseda ID to [Login ID],
and password to [Password].
3 Click the “Create or Change Waseda ID”  at the top of the MyWaseda front page.

The "Create or Change Waseda ID" screen will be displayed.

Please check the notes on the screen.
Enter your desired ID in the Waseda ID field and click [Review] button.

If the note "Your ID has already been changed." is displayed,
Your request cannot be accepted because your Waseda ID has already been changed. You may change your Waseda ID only once year.
Click [Close] button to close the screen.

7 The "Confirmation" screen will be displayed.
Click the [Submit] button.
If you want to correct it, click the [Back] button.

If the message below are displayed, you are using wrong characters, or. The characters cannot be used as your ID. Please try a different string.

  • Input format is invalid.
  • Your ID must be between 3 and 16 characters in length.
  • You cannot use this ID.
If the Waseda ID has been changed successfully, the following screen will be displayed.
Click [Close] button to close the screen.
9 Close all of your web browser.  

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If this happens

I Cannot Login to library's services of "View Your Record (Form A)" and "Off-Campus Access".

Once the Waseda ID change are complete, you can use this within several days. Please wait approximately several days before using.