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How can I refer back to Announcements that have already been read in MyWaseda ?

Announcements of MyWaseda is not displayed in the home list when it has "already read".
We are aiming to not distinguish unread notices and important notices among numerous notices already confirmed. By registering the notice you want to see again in "Favorites" in advance, you can leave it on the list.

Procedure for registering to "Favorites"

If you click on the star mark in the notice list or the Announcement screen, that notice will be added to your favorites. (will change to.)

On the Announcement screen, click on the right side to . On the Announcement screen, click on the right side to .

*Even if you register as "Favorites", it will not be displayed on the MyWaseda home screen.

How to display notices registered in "Favorites"

When you click "Announcements" in the service menu or "Go to List" in each category of announcements, notices that you have registered as favorites in addition to unread are also displayed.

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(Reference) How to display notifices that have already been read not registered as "Favorite".

On the notice list screen, unread notices and those registered as "Favorites" are displayed.
If you want to display notices you have already read, use the search function.
Click "Search" on the upper side of the notice list screen.
"Read" is set as search condition (the state that the background becomes dark gray is ON).
Enter other conditions such as titles and click the search button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See here(in Japanese) for frequently asked questions and answers related to MyWaseda.

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