When You Cannot Login to the MyWaseda

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1. Check the Login page URL, Login ID, password

Login page URL

Portal website MyWaseda
login page URL https://my.waseda.jp/
Login ID Waseda ID
password initial password or your passwotd

login page  -> authentication page

Is there any error what you have entered ?

If it appears "Invalid login ID or Password", Waseda ID or password you input was incorrect.
please input your password correctly.

Please input your password distinguishing all capital and lower case letters.
We would recommend you to input it in notepad and do copy and paste to password field.

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2. Check your login ID

Login ID for MyWaseda is your Waseda ID, which is currently used for Wase-pochi (web-based clicker), password changing, and Box.

If you've forgot your Waseda ID.

If you've forgot your Waseda ID, You can be reminded it on the webpage below (icon).
[!]Waseda Mail address and password will be required.

Waseda ID通知

☆See HERE for User ID and password.

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3. Check your password

Points to note when entering

All passwords are single-byte characters. You are not able to use double-byte characters.

Have you entered characters correctly that are easy to confuse?
  • The number “1” (one), upper-case “I” (“eye”), and lower-case “l” (el)
  • The number “0” (zero), upper-case “O” (oh), lower-case “o” (oh)
Have you differentiated between upper and lower case?
  • Hitting the shift key allows you to enter upper-case letters.
If you have changed your password
Due to server load, it may take some time to reflect the change in password. If you are not able to login immediately after changing your password, then wait about 15 minutes.
  1. If a system error is displayed If you try logging in again then it should be possible.
  2. Sometimes your change of password may not have worked.
    Try logging in with both your old password and your new password.
    * If you are able to login, then change your password again afterwards.

Reissuing Password

During the campus closed/gradually-opening period, students and faculty should apply for a password reissue from HERE.
Alumni, please reissue your password online from the alumni association website.

If you are still unable to login despite following the “Points to note when entering,” then you will need to get your password reissued.

Students and Faculty

Fill in the “Application Form for Reissuance of  Password” and apply.

☆See HERE for locations where you can apply for reissuance of your password.

If you are a student, please bring your Student ID Card. You will be required to take and pass the Test on Information Ethics within two weeks of password reissuance.
You may apply for password reissuance either at one of the offices or by post.
See I Forgot My Lifetime Address Password!(in Japanese) (WASEDA ALMNI) for details.

Points to Note about Passwords【Important】

Never give your password out to another person. Do not write it down and stick it on your computer or leave it lying around nearby.
Please keep in mind that email is about as confidential as a postcard, and is very easily read or intercepted by others. Never include your password when making inquiries.

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4. Checking Your Operating Environment

Recommended Environments

Are you using a recommended environment for the MyWaseda?

Recommended Environments
See Recommended Environments for the Systems for details.

Clearing the Temporary Internet Files and Cookies

Clearing the temporary internet files and Cookies from your browser may allow the site to be displayed correctly.

How to clear
See Clearing the Temporary Internet Files and Cookies for details.

Enable JavaScript and Cookies, Date and Time, Time Zone settings

As MyWaseda uses JavaScript and cookies you must enable them in your browser settings.
If it appears "An error occurred during request processing.", Please check the JavaScript and Cookies settings.

Time zone or Date of the PC are different, or time are significantly different, it may not be connected to the Internet.
In that case, Please check your PC's settings.

Enable JavaScript and Cookies, Date and Time, Time Zone settings
See Enable JavaScript and Cookies, Date and Time, Time Zone settings for details.

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If trying 1, 2, 3, and 4 does not work

If trying steps 1, 2, 3, and 4 is not able to solve the problem, or the situation is not one of those described, then please contact us by email.
Click HERE for contact methods.