MyWaseda User Guide

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Using the MyWaseda

MyWaseda Login Page.

About MyWaseda
About MyWaseda, how to Login/Logout
MyWaseda Login Page.

Upon entrance and graduation

Upon Entrance
Procedures necessary with regards to the MyWaseda when you enter Waseda University.
Upon Graduation
How to use your Waseda ID, Waseda mail address as alumni.
Starting to Use MyWaseda (for Student)
Starting to Use MyWaseda (for Faculty)
In order to use MyWaseda, you need to do.

ID and password

Using the Waseda Mail

Waseda Mail [Student/Alumni]
How to use the Waseda Mail.
Waseda Mail [Faculty/Staff]
How to use the Waseda Mail.
【Important】Information on Renewal of Mail System for faculty and staff.
Other services
WWW services, Mailing list, etc.

Convenient usage of MyWaseda

When in trouble

When You Cannot Login to the MyWaseda
Please follow the link above if you cannot login to the MyWaseda.
Frequently asked questions and answers 【FAQs】
FAQ and answers with concerns to the MyWaseda.