Various services used by the alumni and those progressing to the next level of education

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After graduation, it is possible to use the Waseda Mail address as “alumni”, but when moving to the next level in Waseda University, by carrying out the Waseda Mail address Reinstatement, the Waseda Mail address can continue to be used as a “student” with the school register before progressing to the next level.


Continuous use of the Waseda Mail address

Even where the Waseda Mail address is already used, the “Waseda ID” and “initial password” are issued at the time of the entrance.
Log in to MyWaseda using the notified “Waseda ID” and “initial password”, and perform “Waseda Mail address Reinstatement” to use the already obtained Waseda ID and Waseda Mail address as a student.

Steps to perform the Waseda Mail address Reinstatement
The Waseda Mail address Reinstatement procedure is carried out on entrance.
See here for the method of procedure.