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Difference of usage the information services

Students who already have a Waseda ID/Waseda mail address and who are advancing further at Waseda University are able to use their Waseda ID/Waseda mail address as their student by completing the "Waseda ID reinstatement".


What is ID Reinstatement?

Who must perform the ID Reinstatement

Who must perform the continuation procedure
Those who already have a Waseda ID/Waseda mail address and fall under one of the following categories
  • Those advancing to graduate school (masters’ courses, doctoral courses)
  • Those who were at Senior High school or Honjo Senior High school
  • Those advancing to Senior High school from Junior High school
  • Those changing faculty or department or major etc. who change their faculty and Student ID Number
Who don't have to perform the continuation procedure
  • Those who have multiple Student IDs
    →Those such as non-degree students who are also undergraduate, postgraduate, or Art and Architecture School full-time students, who have two or more Student ID Numbers, will be issued with a Waseda mail address ([email protected]) for each Student ID Number.
  • Those who enter Waseda University as undergraduates from Waseda University Senior High School or Honjo Senior High School
    →You will not need to do anything yourself. Your current Waseda mail address ([email protected]) will be autmaotically enabled.

How to perform the ID Reinstatement

Login to the MyWaseda using the initial Waseda ID and initial password that are in your copy of the “Waseda ID: User Copy” that is distributed at enrollment, and complete the procedures.

ID Reinstatement Steps
Waseda ID reinstatement are done upon enrollment.
See HERE for the  ID Reinstatement steps.
Points to Note
  • Please complete ID Reinstatement before registering (or applying) for courses.

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Take a computer security seminar for new students

New students and new graduate students must take and pass the following seminar and test in order to acquire correct knowledge to use the IT services provided by Waseda University such as PCs, Internet services and mail services.

  • Computer Security Seminar for New Students
  • Information Ethics Test

If you don’t take the seminar and pass the test before the deadline, your Waseda ID may be suspended. Without your ID, you cannot use the IT services in Waseda University such as MyWaseda, Waseda Moodle, Course [email protected], course registration application, grade report and computer rooms.

Computer Security Seminar for New Students(Global Education Center)
Frequently Asked Questions (in Japanese)

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Use of information services

While in school, the computer room and information services, such as the campus network, can be used.

Waseda mail
This can continue to be used as a student.
See the next page for how to use the Waseda Mail.
Waseda Mail
Computer rooms
There are multiple computer rooms within the campus and these can be used freely during the times that they are not being used for lessons etc.
See the following page for the computer room locations and how to use them
Computer Rooms Guide
Campus network
The campus wireless LAN connection and wired LAN connection may be used. [*2]
See the next page for the locations in which they can be used (access points) and how to use them.
Network Use Guide
Online storage Box [*2][*3] can be used.
See the next page for how to use them.
Software license
Anti-virus software Sophos Anti-Virus and Office365 can be used. [*1][*2][*3]
See the next page for how to use them.
Sophos Anti-Virus
  • [*1] Box and Office365 cannot be used by non-degree students.
  • [*2] This can be used from the day after carrying out the ID continuation procedures.
  • [*3]ID継続手続き前にOffice365を利用していた方は、学生として利用可能な期間(3月卒業の場合は3/31まで、9月卒業の場合は9/30まで)以降にID継続手続きを行うと、次回のライセンス認証が失敗することがあります。その場合は、インストール済みのOffice365を一度削除し、再度インストールしなおす必要があります。