Create Your Email Address

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Steps to Create Your Email Address

* From 2:00 am to 4:00 am, the function cannot be used due to daily maintenance.

1 Open your web browser.
2 Display the MyWaseda Login Page (
3 Login using your Waseda ID to [Login ID],
and password to [Password].
4 Click the “The Acquisition of e-mail address”  at the top of the MyWaseda front page.

The "The acquisition of e-mail address" screen will be displayed.

The Waseda mail address you will acquire is in the format
[email protected]

Enter the address of your choice in the part before the @ mark, and if you are a student, choose a sub-domain.
Clicking the “Confirm” button will display the Waseda mail address confirmation screen.

About “[email protected]
Students one of the following: akane, asagi, fuji, moegi, ruri, suou, toki
Full-time faculty (save for adjuncts) [nothing]
Faculty members without tenure, Research Associates, Part-time Lecturers aoni
Other than the above kurenai

If the Waseda mail address that is displayed on the Waseda mail address confirmation screen is the same as the one you entered, then click the “Submit” button.
If you start over, click the "Back" button.

If the Waseda mail address you have chosen is already in use by someone else, then you will get a “Error” message. If this happens, then repeat the process from Step 5, above.
7 The Waseda mail address you have acquired will be shown on the screen.
This is to be used as your login ID to use the Waseda-net portal and as your mail address, so make sure you do not forget it.

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When in Trouble

Displayed as "Invalid email address" in Waseda mail

After completion of the initial settings, can take up to about 3 hours to Waseda mail becomes available. If that is displayed in the following messages, please try again at a sufficient time.