About services and system maintenance during the summer holidays

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Summer Holidays: Saturday, July 31 - Monday, September 20, 2021


Suspension of network and services

  • Please see HERE for other maintenance.
  • For maintenance of services for staff, please check the announcements of System Maintenance on MyWaseda.
Services Date and Time for suspension
On-Campus Network [*1]
 * Wired LAN
 * Wireless LAN
 * General Proxy
Off-Campus Access Using VPN

Aug.9(Mon)6:00 - Aug.10(Tue)9:00

*1 See HERE for schedule of each Building (In Japanese)

Since all campus network is down,
you will not be able to connect
to the Internet connection and various systems.
Services [*2] Date and Time for suspension
Auto lecture recordingAug.6(Fri)12:00 - Aug.17(Tue)12:00
Waseda Course ChannelAug.6(Fri)18:00 - Aug.10(Tue)9:00
Documentation system
Financial Management System
 (View Research Expense Usage)
Research Support System
Aug.8(Sun)8:00 - Aug.12(Thu)9:00
Work Management System
Aug.9(Mon)6:00 - Aug.10(Tue)9:00

Student Course Registration
Grade report
Download Station
Web Manual(FacultyStudent
PC Rooms Availability Information
Create or Change Waseda ID [*3]
Password Change [*3]
NW Information Management System
  • *2 MyWaseda, Waseda Moodle, Waseda Mail, Box, iThenticate, WINE Search and Access to Academic Information are available only for use from the off-campus Internet.
  • *3 If Waseda ID create/change or password change is carried out during the period, it will be reflected on various systems will be Aug.17(Tue).
Services Date and Time for suspension
University Library System

Library Websit
Access to Academic Information
Off-Campus Access
Japanese & Chinese Classics Online
Aug.9(Mon)6:00 - Aug.10(Tue)9:00
Library Online Request July.30(Fri)17:00 - Aug.17(Tue)10:00
See here for details
Services provided by
Administrative Office
of Information and
Multimedia Technology
Aug.9(Mon)6:00 - Aug.10(Tue) 9:00
Aug.10(Tue)17:00 - Aug.11(Wed)22:00
*See here for details(In Japanese)

Services Date and Time for suspension  
Authentication System Aug.20(Fri)23:00 - Aug.21(Sat)5:00
For 3hours during this period(maximum).

The services that authenticate with Waseda ID will be unavailable


Certificate/Discount coupons issuing machines

Date and Time for suspension Aug. 6 (Fri) After each issuing machine is stopped, until Aug. 17 (Tue) 12:00

See here for details


Computer Rooms

See here for details


IT desks

  • These will NOT be available on Saturdays, Sundays, Public holidays provided by the University(8/9-8/13).
Campus Office Opening hours
(Close on Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays)
Mon. to Fri. Other
Waseda Academic Advising Office
 (Waseda Portal Office)
Advance reservations required.
 See here for details
8/25(Wed), 8/26(Thu)
CTLT Advance reservations required.
 See here for details
Toyama MM Preparation Room 9:00-17:00  
Nishiwaseda Administrative Office of Information and
Multimedia Technology
See here for details  
Tokorozawa Information Systems
Management Room
9:00-16:00 [*4]  
Technical Support Services 9:00-17:30  
Honjo Development Support Room 1 9:00-17:30 [*4]  
Kitakyushu Information Management Room 9:00-18:00 [*4]  

*4 These will not be available at 12:30-13:30 for lunch time.


IT Helpdesk (E-mail inquiries)

Date and Time for suspension Aug. 9(Min) , Aug.10 (Tue) morning

Except for the above period, we will respond to "Monday to Friday 9:00 to 20:00" as usual.
Email inquiries will be accepted during the shutdown period.
You can make inquiries from the inquiry pages of "IT Services" in MyWaseda



Power outages and network outages
(during the summer vacation) Maintenance Scheduling for Electrical Equipment and Network Service Suspension (In Japanese )
Waseda University Library
Library Server Maintenance Schedule (during the summer vacation 2021)
Library Services during Summer Vacation (2021/7/31~2021/9/20)


Updated : 2021/07/07