Changes and Notes on Waseda licensed Zoom account for real-time lesson

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Please check the following three points regarding the use of Zoom for real-time lesson (real-time delivery, high-flex type classes) from the fall semester onward.

1. Start using cloud recording

To accommodate students who are absent from class and for review purposes, we have announced that real-time lessons will be recorded and made available to students via Waseda Moodle. In this semester, it will be possible to record on the Zoom system which is “cloud recording”.
However, due to contractual restrictions, recorded contents will be deleted after a certain period (assuming 14 days have passed from the recording day). If you want to keep and save your contents for a longer period of this time, please copy it to Waseda Moodle or your own PC within this period.


  • The recording data in the cloud will be deleted after a certain period. Please be careful when you make the data available to your classes. (Please copy the data to Waseda Moodle or your own PC within this period).
2. End of time limit removal(40min) in Zoom for Education

There is a notice from Zoom that they will end the 40-minute time limit removal that has been offered to schools in Japan with a free basic account. If you are using this service, which may interfere with the classes.
If you have not applied for Waseda licensed Zoom, please fill out the form and apply below (if you have already applied in the past, you do not need to apply again).

3. About using the webinar

From the fall semester, the webinar (which can be viewed by up to 1,000 people) is available. In addition, information on how to use “the webinar in classes” is available on TeachAnywhere.
Information will be updated as needed, please refer to it as needed.

  • TeachAnywhere *Required ID/PW to refer to MyWaseda “important notices”.