Change of login procedure(authentication method) for MyWaseda and other services

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As part of the measure to improve security, the authentication method will be renewed. Please note that the “login screen” and “ID used for login” will be changed.

Date of switchover
Friday August 20, 2021 11:00 p.m. to Saturday August 21, 2021 05:00 a.m. (tentative) <Japan Time>
* There is a possibility that the other functions will be unavailable for this period. We will announce detail later.
Affected users
Student, Faculty, Staff, Alumni
* People who are using MyWaseda that through authentication system.
Detail of Changes

(1) Changes to the login screen

(2) Changes to the ID used for login

Before Waseda ID
* A string of 3 to 16 characters that you set yourself.
After Waseda Mail address
*, etc.

* You can use the same password as before.

Other information
  • The initial setup of MyWaseda for new students/faculty/staff will be change also.
  • Some services(i.e. University Library System etc.) will be continued to use Waseda ID for login. Please refer to the following information to check the ID.
Service name [*1] Login ID(Before) Login ID(After)
Waseda Moodle
Course N@vi
Wase Pochi
Grade inquiry
For registering subjects
Waseda ID Waseda Mail address
Office365(Office application) Student 「Waseda ID」+"" 「Waseda ID」+""
Faculty and Staff Waseda Mail address Waseda Mail address
Computer Room [*2]
DHCP connection
Wireless LAN connection
On-campus network connection over VPN
General-Purpose Proxy
Waseda ID
Waseda Mail address
Waseda Mail address
eduroam Waseda Mail address Waseda Mail address
University Library System (WINE) Waseda ID Waseda Mail address
University Library System (Off-Campus Access) Waseda ID Waseda ID
  • *1 Service is available to you accordingly to your qualification. (For instance, Alumni cannot use Computer room, Campus Network System, Box)
  • *2 In Nishiwaseda Campus computer room, Login method is different. See HERE for steps in the computer room.

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Last Updated : 2021/07/13