[Notice] About the prevention of copyright infringement using file sharing software

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To whom it may concern;

IT Strategies Division

Please pay attention to the following points to prevent copyright infringement using file sharing software.

Please instruct the network users in your laboratory not to engage in any activities that may infringe copyright.

Use of file sharing software on the University's network is allowed only for educational and research purposes. Use of file sharing software for any other purpose is prohibited.
There are many music, movie, and other copyrighted material uploaded to file-sharing software without the permission of the author. If you are aware of the illegality of these files and download them easily, you could face heavy penalties of up to two years in prison or a fine of up to two million yen, or both, for copyright infringement. Furthermore, sharing it with others could result in very serious penalties of "up to 10 years in prison or a fine of up to 10 million yen, or both". In addition, you may be subject to additional, hefty damages.
Please consider the following measures for your network of laboratories.

Take measures to identify users of computers with IP addresses that can be directly connected to outside the university, such as user authentication, and keep the authentication history for a certain period of time.
If there is no need for P2P communication for educational and research purposes, take measures to block P2P communication on the laboratory network equipment and computers used. If necessary, measures will be taken to limit the number of computers capable of P2P communication and other usage restrictions.
For security purposes, the Information Planning Department monitors the university network for unauthorized communication using the network inspection system. If a malicious act of copyright infringement is detected, we may suspend the use of the IP address or block the communication in case of urgency to comply with the law.


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