“MyWaseda”, Waseda University’s new portal site, will resume

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“MyWaseda” was once released on 6 January 2016, but has suspended its service due to some system failures caused by unexpected overwhelming access and transactions, and as a result Waseda-net portal has resumed as its substitute. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

We would like to announce that “MyWaseda” is going to resume at 9:00 am on 7 February 2016, as countermeasures against possible failures have been implemented.
As of that point, Waseda-net portal will be out of service, and all of its functions, such as notifications from the university, Waseda-net mail, Course [email protected] and so on, can be accessed via “MyWaseda”.

Starting date
9:00 am on 7 February 2016
*MyWaseda cannot be accessed before the date above.
MyWaseda URL


Login ID and password for MyWaseda
Login ID for MyWaseda is your Waseda ID (Authenticator ID), which is currently used for Wase-pochi (web-based clicker), password changing, and Box.
Password for MyWaseda is the same one that you use to login to Waseda-net portal.
*If you cannot Login to the MyWaseda. , please refer to the webpage below.
  When You Cannot Login to the MyWaseda

As for Course [email protected] and Waseda-net mail, you can also login at the URLs below as well as via MyWaseda. Please be reminded that the login ID and password for the URLs below are Waseda-net mail address and password.


For inquiries

Please refer to the webpage below.
Inquiries and IT Desks