How to change your Waseda-net Password will be changed.

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After August 25th, the authentication of the “Password Change” on the Waseda-net portal will be changed.


When you click the “Password Change” button at the top of the Waseda-net portal front page, the authentication page will be displayed. Please enter the login ID and password as below.

   Login ID  : (As shown in bellow table)
   Password : The same password to login to the Waseda-net portal.

  [ Login ID ] reference
Student “Student Number (8 alphanumeric characters)”+“Check Digit (CD)"
About Check Digit(CD)
Faculty/Staff “w”+“Faculty/Staff ID Number (6 digits)”  
Partner ”w”+“6-digit number beginning with the number 9” [Reference to your ID]
  • On the Security Card which is issued to Administrative PC users.
  • The last 6 digits of the 10 alphanumeric characters below your name on the "Waseda-net portal: User Copy", which was given out when your Waseda-net ID was issued.
Alumni “AL” + “The entrance year (4 digits)” + “Student Number (8 alphanumeric characters)" If you have more than one student number, please use the student number that first became an Alumni account, or the one with which you first entered/transferred to and graduated from Waseda University.