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【2011/1/26】 Announcement of Waseda-net mail

On November 29,2010, we announced the renewal of Waseda-net mail system to expand the mail spool(*1) and to enforce functions for security(*2).

If you are forwarding your messages to other mail system (ex. Gmail, Yahoo! Mail), please set up again after the renewal.

We provide the user guide(Web) including all the information about Waseda-net mail renewal (e.g. schedule of renewal, manual)

From this time, we will post new on this user guide.

Please read the user guide, when you want to know Waseda-net mail.

This time, we released the following information.

"The renewal of Waseda-net mail system"
-Schedule of the renewal
-About the data transition

"About Waseda-net mail"
-Basic functions
-Recommended environment

In February , we will serve other topics(e.g. manual).

  • (*1) 2GB: @waseda.jp, 1GB:@aoni.waseda.jp/@kurenai.waseda.jp
  • (*2) referring to log-in history

Contact:IT Center [email protected]