【For Alumni】 Announcement for renewal of Waseda-net mail

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We will renew the current Waseda-net mail system, which you use as forwarding mail service. After this renewal, Waseda-net mail service for alumni will not change. There are some notes in the renewal period. Please read the following.

1.The date of renewal
Wednesday, March 9 , 2011
The display of "Mail forwarding setting" will change after Waseda-net portal log-in.
If you change the setting of forwarding mail address after January 8 2011, the setting will not move to new Waseda-net mail system. Please never change the setting of forwarding mail address after January 8, 2011. If you change the setting between January 8 and March 9, you need to register the forwarding mail address in new Waseda-net mail system.
3."Form for Sending Mail"
After the renewal , "Form for Sending Mail" will be available.
4.Information release schedule
We will inform about this renewal detail in following schedule.
-January, 2011 : Detail information for schedule and data transition
Please send e-mail If you have any questions.
[email protected] (mail only)