【For Faculty and Staff】 Announcement for renewal of Waseda-net mail

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We will renew the current Waseda-net mail system, which started in 2006, to expand the mail spool and enforce functions for security.
Your mail address (Waseda-net ID) will not change under this renewal. However, it is necessary for you to take some procedures for the new mail system. From now, we will release detail information about this renewal.

1.The date of renewal
Wednesday, March 9 , 2011
After the renewal, e-mails will reach the new Waseda-net mail system[*1]. Also, you can use the current mail system until the end of June, 2011 as the transition period, to refer to messages you got before the renewal and setting information such as the mail filter and your signature.

[*1]It may take time to reflect the new setting and some messages may reach the current Waseda-net mail system for few days after the renewal by the environments of other mail systems.

2.Settings you have to take by yourself for the renewal
You can use your current e-mail address (Waseda-net ID) after the renewal. Also, your address book (for individual user) and messages will move to the new Waseda-net mail system automatically, but you need to set up the following parts by yourself for the new Waseda-net mail system.
  • We cannot move some of the setting information such as the mail filter, your e-mail signature and address book(for group). Please set up the new Waseda-net mail by the end of June, 2011 referring to current Waseda-net mail.
  • -If you are forwarding your messages to other mail system (ex. Gmail, Yahoo! Mail), please set up again after the renewal.
  • -The name of the receiving server (POP) and sending server (SMTP) of new Waseda-net mail system will change. Please change the setting for receiving and sending messages in mail client (ex. Outlook,Thunderbird).
3.Differences from the current Waseda-net mail system
In the new Waseda-net mail system, following functions are improved mainly.
  • The functions for user-friendliness (expanding the capacity of mail spool, the accessibility from cell-phone)
  • The function for security. (Protection from spam mails, reference for log-in history, coded messages, etc.)
Detail functions are below.
Functions Current Waseda-net mail New Waseda-net mail
Web mail
Usage of other mail client
(POPoverSSL/SMTPoverSSL etc.)
Capacity of mail spool -Students "~@~.waseda.jp"[*2] : 5MB
-Faculty and staff "~@waseda.jp":80MB
-Faculty and staff "~@aoni.waseda.jp":40MB
-Related staff "~@kurenai.waseda.jp":40MB
-Alumni "~@~.waseda.jp"[*2] :N/A
(Only for forwarding messages)
-Students "~@~.waseda.jp"[*2]:1GB
-Faculty and staff "~@waseda.jp":2GB
-Faculty and staff "~@aoni.waseda.jp":1GB
- Related staff "~@kurenai.waseda.jp":1GB
-Alumni "~@~.waseda.jp"[*2]:N/A
(Only for forwarding messages)
Block spam mails
Coded messages "S/MIME"[*3]
(release in 2011)
Reference to log-in history
(release in May, 2011)
Accessibility from cell-phone -
Multi address
(You can use address, [email protected])
*Only for faculty who have
"@waseda.jp" Waseda-net ID
  • [*2]Sub domain between "@"and ".waseda.jp" is any of "akane, asagi, fuji, moegi, ruri, suou, toki."  
  • [*3]An abbreviation for "Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension". This function code messages and prevents eavesdropping or defacing data when you send and receive e-mails by exchanging the key and certification beforehand with the certain mail sender.
4.Schedule for release of new Waseda-net mail
date procedures detail
March 9, 2011 Release of new Waseda-net mail
New Waseda-net mail
  • You can log-in from Waseda-net portal and receive and send messages. (Settings done in January in your address book will be reflected.)
  • You need to change the setting for the server name to use other mail client, such as Outlook, Thunderbird etc.
Current Waseda-net mail
  • You can log-in from the different entrance, and you can refer to old messages, address book and setting of mail filter.
  • You can also send messages.
March 31 Current Waseda-net mail will
stop functions for sending and
receiving messages
Current Waseda-net mail
You cannot send and receive messages
March 31-June 30 Data transition period Messages stored in the current Waseda-net mail will move to new Waseda-net mail in this period automatically.

* Please move your data by yourself by June 30 in the case you set the same mail filter for the new Waseda-net mail with referring to the current Waseda-net mail.
June 30 Current Waseda-net mail stop

June 30 Current Waseda-net mail stop
Current Waseda-net mail
system will stop completely.

Figure1. Schedule of Waseda-net mail renewal
5.If you are graduating in March, 2011,
  • You can use your current e-mail address (Waseda-net ID) in the new Waseda-net mail.
  • Individual address book and messages will move to the new system automatically, but we will not move some setting information, such as mail filter, signature and group address book. Please set up the new Waseda-net mail system by referring your current mail setting.
  • (For alumni) Forwarding setting information will be transition automatically.
6.Information release schedule
We will inform about this renewal detail in following schedule.
-January, 2011 : Detail information for schedule and data transition
-February, 2011: Basic instruction for the new mail system (procedure for setting mail client, etc.)
Please send e-mail If you have any questions.
[email protected] (mail only)