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SOLIDWORKS is a 3D CAD design and analysis software.
Please see below for more information.

License Terms of Use

It is available under the following conditions:
  • Only faculty members belonging to the Faculty of Science and Engineering can apply.
  • This license is an “educational license” and may only be used for educational (class) and self-study purposes. Research, business use (office work, operations related to university administration, etc.) and commercial use including part-time jobs and interns, is not permitted.
  • Each person may install the software on up to one personal PC.
  • Since the license is for a single year, it needs to be renewed every March.


(1)Off-campus access

To use the Download Station from off-campus, a VPN connection is required.
For more information about VPN connection, please refer to the following web page.
※ Currently, the load on the VPN device is high due to the influence of the Novel Coronavirus, and there are cases where the VPN connection cannot be made, or the connection is cut off in the middle.
If the VPN connection doesn’t work, try using a VPN connection and software download at night when there are few users.


After logging in to MyWaseda, follow the steps below to access DownloadStation and obtain your “Authentication Program Number”.
MyWaseda → Global menu「IT Services」 → Service menu 「Available Software」 → 「Download Station」

From the DownloadStation screen, select the software you wish to use.
※ Please contact us from the contact information for the following cases.
  • The installer you downloaded at Download Station has expired and you want to download it again.
  • You have changed your PC and want to install SOLIDWORKS again on your new PC.
※ The list of software displayed in the list differs depending on affiliation and qualification.
※ Click on the “Select” button to download the authorization program number (authorization number for SOLIDWORKS installation).
※ Click on the “Help” button to download the installation manual/license update manual.
※ If you are a faculty member, please apply for the use of the software from “Use of comprehensive software for faculty members” and it will be available after approval.


Due to the large file size of SOLIDWORKS, there are many cases where it fails due to network errors when downloading. When downloading the authentication program (SOLIDWORKS installer), please use the download software Downloader (*) instead of downloading from a browser.
※ Only the Windows version is available.
Please refer to the following for information on how to obtain/install and use the Downloader.

  • (a)Please access the following URL.
  • (b)Please refer to the “Downloader利用ガイド(Windows 版).pdf” [in Japanese] saved in the “Manual” folder.
  • (c)Try installing from “DS_Downloader_Win_999101.exe” which is saved in the “Software” folder.


(1)Run an authentication program

Run the downloaded “Authentication Program” and enter the authentication program number and password.
When you press the “Run” button, you will get a “serial number” for the installation.

(2)Installing SOLIDWORKS

When the SOLIDWORKS installation screen appears, enter your “serial number”.
Uncheck the following products from the product selection list at the time of installation.
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical
  • SOLIDWORKS Composer Player

Reference document

Contact for inquiries about DownloadStation and Downloader

For “Frequently Asked Questions” about DownloadStation, please refer to the following web page [in Japanese].

If your question is still not answered after checking the “Frequently Asked Questions”, please contact us through the MyWaseda application form.

→Global menu「IT Services」
→Support and Application for the systems (Helpdesk)
→ITサービス/IT Service
→PC(教室、研究室)、ソフトウェア利用、教室常設機器に関する相談/PC, AV support

Contact for SOLIDWORKS Installation/Activation Authentication

You can consult the following contacts only for “Installation” and “Activation Authentication”.
Please fill out the inquiry form and send it to the email address below.

Contact for SOLIDWORKS license inquiries