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About Gaussian

Gaussian is a non-empirical molecular orbital calculation software developed and provided by Gaussian, Inc. The purpose of this method is to analyze the electronic structure of materials, and it is possible to model molecules under various conditions and to analyze their physical properties quantum mechanically.

Gaussian Lineup(in Sci. & Eng. Waseda)

OS Items
  • Gaussian16W Full Version 64bit Multiprocessor x86-64 (Rev A.03)
  • GaussView6 for WINDOWS 64bit(Rev 6.0.16)
  • Gaussian 16W Full Version 32bit Multiprocessor (Rev A.03)
  • GaussView6 for WINDOWS: 32bit (Rev 6.0.16)
  • Gaussian 16 UNIX Workstation Source (Rev A.03)
  • GaussView6 for x86-64/Linux (Rev 6.0.16)

Site License Terms of Use

Gaussian and GaussView can be installed and used on the machines in the Nishi-Waseda Campus of Waseda University. Each software is available on CD-ROM only.

Notes on using Gaussian

Please use and manage the software with care, and agree that you will not cause any trouble to the University. In the event that the University is disrupted, please agree that there is no objection to discontinuing the use of the software.

Installation Procedure

Please fill out the application form (PDF, download from MyWaseda) and submit it to the Admin Office of Information and Multimedia Technology (Building 51, 01-20). Media is available for rent. If the person in charge ceases to be at the application site due to graduation, etc., or is relieved of his or her post for any reason, please assign a successor immediately and take responsibility for the management of the software.
※Please submit an application form for each software you will be using. We will ask you to show your student or faculty/staff ID at the time of handover. Please note that we are unable to respond to questions regarding installation and usage.

Documments of installation



Please download the Installation Instruction, Release Note, Available Source Code, and Available Binary from the following link. The Admin Office of Information and Multimedia Technology does not hold documents that are not listed here. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact for Gaussian’s site license inquiries

Web Inquiry Format:
TEL: 03-6380-8290(Weekdays 9am-5pm)