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Scanner Manual

Save to USB Storage Device

You can save scanned data to USB storage device with procedure as follows. This is free. To print data saved, please use On demand accounting printer.
(1)Push “節電中/解除(Power Saving/Cancel)” button on control pannel, cancel power saving mode.
(2)Set a document to scan.
(3)Push “メニュー” button, then display menu on touch panel monitor.
(4)Push “メディア保存”.
You can not use “コピー”, “メール送信, “PC保存” button.
(5)Displayed “保存先” screen.
(6)On “基本スキャン” and “その他” screen, you can set up scanning conditions such as colors, qualities of image, reading size to
(7)Insert storage device media to USB connector of scanner.
(8)Display “保存先” Screen, then push “スタート” button.
(9)Scan has been started, and after process completed, saved to storage device media.
(10)Confirm the next screen is desplayed, remove storage device from the USB connector.

About File format to output

When you scan a document, saved as one of the following file format.
Category File format Extension Purpose
Document PDF .pdf Plurality of pages are available. Open by applications like AdobeReader.PDF(1 page by 1 file)is filed by 1 page, saved as PDF file format.
Document Docuworks document .xdw Plurality of pages are available. Open by Docuworks. Docuworks(1 page by 1 file)is filed by 1 page, saved as Docuwork document
Images TIFF .tif Used as printed matter. Suit for black and white. Multi page TIFF makes plurality of pages into 1 file and save as TIFF file. Can not open by some software. Use DocuScan manager.
Images JPEG .jpg Can open by Web browser. Suit for color data.

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