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Explanation of Printers

Printer category

Accounting Printer(Color Laser)Black and White Laser Printer

Print fee

The fee for the printer on the information floor of Building 63 and the drafting and CAD room is 5 yen for monochrome and 15 yen for color. Administrative staff will refill the paper, so you don’t have to provide your own paper. By using the printer’s recommended paper, problems such as paper jams can be reduced. It can also print PDF and JPEG files stored on a USB flash drive, as well as print from a different location.

Payment of print fees

To pay for the accounting printer, you can use a transportation IC card (e.g., Suica, Pasmo, etc.).

Accounting Color Laser Printer (Pay by Smart Card for transportation)



FUJI XEROX DocuPrint C3360 Color Laser Printer
Smart Card for transportation
Smart Cards can be used
Suica PASMO TOICA manaca Kitaca ICOCA Hayakaken nimoca SUGOCA
Setting PC room
Room A (1 each) Room B (1 each) Room C (1 each) Room D (1 each) Room E (1 each) Room F (1 each) Room G (1 each) Lounge (1 each) Drafting and CAD rooms in Building 57 (1 each)

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