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FAQ on Information Q&A


Q. I can’t refer to a file on Ubuntu in Explorer.
  • Start Ubuntu.
  • In the address bar of your Explorer, type in \\wlsl$ (didn’t you type it in the search field?)
  • Check the version of Windows, and if it’s older than 1903 (OK if it’s 1903 or later), please update it.
  • If that doesn’t solve the problem, run explorer.exe on Ubuntu.
Q. I can’t use WSL on Windows 7.
Only Windows 10 is supported, so you’ll need to update.
Q. Can’t use WSL on Windows8.1.
Only Windows 10 is supported, so you’ll need to update.
Q. Can’t set a username on Ubuntu.
On Ubuntu, only lowercase alphabets are available.


Q. In the JAVA installation, the name of the folder where the downloaded file is extracted is jdk-14.0.1.jdk.
Since the version has been updated since the end of April and the folder name has changed, please replace the description “dk14.jdk folder” with “jdk14.0.1.jdk”.

Virtual Environment(Vagrant)

Q.Virtual environments cannot be run after running vagrant up or vagrant ssh.
  • Check if the Vagrantfile and files exist in the folder.
    ※File name must be exactly the same as above.
    (Example:Different file name → Vagrantfile(1), Vagrantfile.dms, etc.)
  • If two files exist in the linux folder, you should run vagrant init ./ in the linux folder and then run vagrant up and vagrant ssh.
Q.During Vagrant up, in the Booting VM…, the message “There was an error while excuting ‘VBoxManage’, a CLI used by~” shows and the VM doesn’t start properly.
You need to enable the bios “Virtualization Technology (VT-X)” to use the VirtualBox.
You may have this feature disabled on your computer, so check your BIOS settings.
The following is the case of LENOVO.
Q.I get a lot of messages “c:¥Hashicorp¥…” on vagrant up and the VM does not start.
The folder name is not an alphanumeric character. The folder name contains a space.
If your account name contains spaces, please create a folder (such as c:¥work) that does not contain spaces, and make that the working directory.

If that doesn’t help, create an alphanumeric account, log in with that account, and then set up your virtual machine.
Q.What to do when the error “An error occurred while downloading the remote file.” appears on vagrant up.
Delete the Vagrantfile and run vagrant init . /
Make sure that the vagrantfile is generated again, and run vagrant up and vagrant ssh.