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Season’s Greeting Card 2018

As usual in the fall, the Library offers you a new season’s greeting card. Hopefully you will enjoy using the card.

From “Young Murasaki” from the album Genji Monogatari senmen gaj ō
Galligraphy attributed to Ikeda Mitsumasa (1609-1682), painting attributed to Sumiyoshi Jokei (1599-1670). Seventeenth century.

Suddenly a beautiful little girl appears, crying “Inuki let my baby sparrow go!” The young man cannot take his eyes off her because she so resembles the lady he secretly loves, Fujitsubo. This famous scene from The Tale of Genji describes how the Shining Genji first meets the girl who will grow up to become Murasaki. She is second from the right her back turned, weeping. He stands second from the left, peering into the house. The text is brushed on paper decorated with gold dust, and mountains indicate that this scene takes place in the Northern Hills outside the capital.


210yen (with an envelope)




*We are sorry, but the Greeting Card cannot be purchased in libraries.

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