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Library usage of Part-time Faculty 【IC Identification Card is required】

Status: Part-time Lecturer, Guest Professor, Guest Associate Professor, Guest Assistant Professor, Guest Senior Researcher, Guest Researcher, Guest Junior Researcher, Instructor (Part-time) and Contract Staff (Part-time)

From Academic Year (AY) 2018,faculty Identification Card will be changed to the one with IC chip. Identification Card would be sent to part-time lecturers by mail from the personal section before the day they would be appointed. For part-time faculty except part-time lecturers, it would be distributed from the department office they belong to.

From AY2018, IC Identification Card is required to use the library instead of library card (green). Part-time faculty don’t need to apply library card.

  • Your library patron data will be expired at the end of Academic Year (on the end of March) and renewed automatically in the beginning of April if you continue to conduct classes. The valid date might differ from that of your ID card.
  • Part-time Lecturers and Instructors (part-time) can use Waseda University libraries for the whole academic year (from April to March) even if they are appointed for one semester or one quarter only.
  • Guest professors can use libraries from the day they would be appointed to the end of the academic year.
  • Other faculty and staff can use libraries while they are appointed.
  • For Part-time Lecturers and Instructors (part-time) who would be appointed for the fall semester only, they can get Identification Card in Spring semester at the personal section if they apply for it. (It may take some time to issue the Identification Card.)

Part-time faculty who have their library card (green) and continue their current position in AY 2018 can renew their library patron data in advance as the following procedure. To know eligible status, please refer to the following news.

Patron data renewal procedures for Part-time Lecturer and Guest Professor

◆For Inquires

  • About usage of libraries:

The Department of Users Support, Library  (Tel: 03-5286-1659)

  • To confirm your appointed period or apply for your Identification Card:

Personnel Section (Tel: 03-3204-1633)

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