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We support student by preparing various workshops which meet each students’ achievement level; such as from basic workshop (ex. finding books, how to read reference, etc) to advanced / proficient workshop (ex. finding legal information, using citation management tools, etc).
These workshops would be useful as students’ supplementary lessons and also they can be set as a required session for the students, for we provide the certificate.


  • We offer verious programs such as basics of literature search, how to find legal inforamation or citation management tools like RefWorks along with stundents’ and faculties needs.
  • Various levels of workshops on the same topic for various levels of students’ understanding.
  • Short-time and one-shot style workshop can keep students concentration.
  • Most of workshops are held in libraries and it enable students to find and use rich materials there.


Library workshops will be held at late June to middle July (Spring semester), late October to middle November (Fall semester). An announcement for workshops will be posted on the Library website’s NEWS. Please check it out!

Online Library Workshop

Some contents are before the new library system migration and the contents are currently updating.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

How to Use Library Resources Efficiently

  • Intended Participants:
    Freshman students and the students who do not know how to use the library resources.
  • DBs to be introduced:
    WINE, ebrary, Web of Science, ProQuest Newspapers, etc.
  • Contents:

01. The Gateway to E-Resources(00:02:10)

02. Finding Books(00:08:39)

03. Finding Journal Articles(00:03:35)

04. Finding Newspaper Articles(00:02:32)

05. Useful Library Services(00:02:08)

About Database Lectures and Events Held by Waseda University Library

We also provide various lectures, events, and teaching materials.

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