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Symmetry methods for discrete equations PENG Linyu 講師


Symmetries, geometric mechanics, information geometry


2013.9  PhD in Mathematics, University of Surrey
2013.10 — 2015.3  Junior Researcher, Research Institute of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Waseda University & Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering, Waseda University
2015.4 — 2018.3   Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering, Waseda University
2018.3 —    Assistant Professor, Waseda Institute for Advanced Study, Waseda University


Conservation Laws
Integrable Systems
Geometric Integrator Theory
Multisymplectic Structures
Moving Frames & Invariant Analysis
Dirac Mechanics & Nonholonomic Systems
Information Geometry

  1. H. Sun, Z. Zhang, L. Peng, X. Duan, 2016, An Elementary Introduction to Information Geometry, Beijing: Science Press. (Originally printed in Chinese)
Selected Papers
  1.  Linyu Peng, Symmetries and Reductions of Integrable Nonlocal Partial Differential Equations, Symmetry 11(7) (2019): 884, 11pp.
  2. James A Wright and Linyu Peng, An automatic dynamic balancer in a rotating mechanism with time-varying angular velocity, Results in Applied Mathematics 2 (2019): 100015, 9pp.
  3. C. Zhang, L. Peng, D.J. Zhang, 2018, Discrete Crum’s Theorems and Integrable Lattice Equations, arXiv:1802.10044
  4.  L. Peng, 2017, Symmetries, conservation laws, and Noether’s theorem for differential-difference equations, Stud. Appl. Math. 139: 457–502.
  5.  X. Zhang, N. Wang, Y. Cao, L. Peng, H. Meng, 2017, A stochastic analytical modelling framework on ISP-P2P collaborations in multi-domain environments, IEEE Systems Journal, first version published online. (http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/stamp/stamp.jsp?arnumber=8000561&tag=1)
  6.  Y. Cao, X. Zhang, R. Wang, L. Peng, N. Aslam, X. Chen, 2017, Applying DTN routing for reservation-driven EV charging management in smart cities, IEEE IWCMC, Valencia, Spain.
  7.  C. Li, L. Peng, H. Sun, 2015, Entropic dynamical models with unstable Jacobi fields, Rom. Journ. Phys. 60: 1249–1262.
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  19.  L. Peng, H. Sun, X. Sun, 2011, Geometric structure of Hamiltonian dynamics with conformal Eisenhart metric, Internat. J. Math. Math. Sci. 2011: Article ID 710274, 26 pages.
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International Society of Difference Equations (ISDE)
Society of Foundations of Computational Mathematics (FoCM)


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