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ZINGG, Raphael


ZINGG, Raphael


Assistant Professor

Monthly Spotlight

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Interdisciplinary Studies of the Law, ZINGG, Raphael 講師


Innovation in Emerging Technologies

Dr. Raphael Zingg conducts research and teaches on intellectual property and patent law, with a particular focus on the life sciences. His scholarly fields of interest include the study of the patent system, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence laws, and the protection of cultural heritage.

Academic Employment

Since 2018 Waseda University, Institute for Advanced Study, Tokyo, Assistant Professor
2019 Singapore Management University, School of Law, Visiting Professor
2019 University of Hong Kong, Law and Technology Centre, Visiting Scholar
2017-2018 University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, Visiting Scholar
2016-2017 Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Visiting Scholar
2015-2018 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), Research Fellow


2015-2019 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Dr. sc. ETH Zurich
2017 University of California, Berkeley, Advanced Biosciences Program
2016 University of Michigan, Quantitative Methods Program
2015-2016 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences
2013-2014 University of Zurich, Master of Law
2009-2012 Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris II, Licence en Droit
2009-2012 University of Fribourg, Bachelor of Law


Intellectual Property, Patent Law, Law and Economics, Cultural Heritage and Art Law

  • R. Zingg, “The Declining Impact of the NIH on Cancer Patenting”, Nature Biotechnology 37, pp. 722–723 (2019).
  • R. Zingg and M. Fischer, “The Convergence of Nanomedicine”, WIREs Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology, e1569 (2019).
  • Zingg and M. Fischer. The Rise of Public-Private Collaboration in Nanotechnology, Nano Today 25, 7-9 (2019).
  • R. Zingg and M. Fischer. The Nanotechnology Patent Thicket Revisited, Journal of Nanoparticle Research 20 (10), 267-272.
  • N. Paumgartner and R. Zingg. The Rise of Safe Havens for Threatened Cultural Heritage, International Journal of Cultural Property 25(3), 323-346 (2018).
  • N. Paumgartner and R. Zingg. Die Schweiz als erster Safe Haven für Kulturgüter (Switzerland as first Safe Haven for Cultural Goods), Aktuelle Juristische Praxis 10, 1375-83 (2014).
Speaking Engagements
  • 2019. Law Tech Talks, Hong Kong University; Singapore Management University; Patents!, ETH Zurich; Tokyo University; European Policy for Intellectual Property, Zurich; 36th Annual Conference of the European Association of Law and Economic, Tel Aviv; AI and IP – A Dialectical Discourse, Singapore.
  • 2018. bioip Faculty Workshop, Atlanta; PatCon 8, The Patent Conference, San Diego; 112th Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting, San Diego; 5th International IP Workshop for Junior Researchers in Japan, Tokyo; 2018 Annual Intellectual Property Scholars Conference, Berkeley, California.
  • 2017. Inaugural Wiet Life Science Law Scholars Conference, Chicago; Entrepreneurship 2.0: Legal, Regulatory, and Economic Challenges to the Innovation Economy, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; 34th Annual Conference of the European Association of Law and Economics, London; Munich Summer Institute, Munich; Berkeley Visiting Researcher Workshop, Berkeley; Legal Research at ETH Zurich, Zurich; Brownbag Seminar of the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Munich.
  • 2016. Roundtable on Empirical Methods in Intellectual Property, United States Patent & Trademark Office, Washington DC; Munich Summer Institute, Munich; First Workshop for Junior Researchers in IP Law, Leuven; Innovation, Finance & the Law Conference, Toulouse; All Art and Cultural Heritage Law Conference, Geneva.
  • 2015. ETH/NYU Transatlantic Innovation Scholarship Conference on Design Protection, Zurich; ETH Zurich, Brownbag Seminar, Zurich.
趣味 関心

Art and Photography


Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Economists Without Borders


2019 Grant for Publication in High Impact Journals, Waseda University, 2019.
2019-2020 Tokutei Kadai, Grant for Special Research Projects, Waseda University, 2019-2020.
2019 Grant for Publication in High Impact Journals, Waseda University, 2019.
2018-2019 Tokutei Kadai, Grant for Newly-Hired Faculty, Waseda University, 2018-2019.
2017 European Association of Law and Economics and Forum for Law and Economics, Göran Skogh Award.
2017 Swiss National Science Foundation, Doc.Mobility Fellowship.
2017 Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences, Travel Award.
2016 Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Research Stay Scholarship.

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