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Yuri Biondi

visiting_biondiYuri Biondi
National Academy of Scientific Research (CNRS) : Tenured Research Fellow

Research Topics

  • Financial Accounting
  • Corporate Governance
  • Finance and Financial Regulation
  • Econophysics
  • Governmental Accounting and Management

Education and Academic Employment

1990-1995 M.Sc. in Economics and Social Sciences (DES), Department of Economics, Università Bocconi of Milan
Dissertation Title: Accounting and Economics of Public and Non Business Entities in Education
2000-2003 Double PhD in Economics, Department of Economics, Universite de Lyon
Dissertation Title: “Economic Organization of the Business Firm between Accounting and Economics”
2000-2003 Double PhD in Business Economics, Department of Business Economics, Universita di Brescia
Dissertation Title: “Economic Organization of the Business Firm between Accounting and Economics”

Research Fields of Interest

  • economic theory
  • corporate governance and regulation
  • accounting and financial regulation
  • accounting, economics and law
  • accounting, economics and finance

Selected Publications

  1. Y. Biondi and S. Zambon eds, Accounting and Business Economics : Insights from national traditions, Routledge, forthcoming
  2. (with A. Canziani, & Th. Kirat, coeditors) “The Firm as an Entity: Implications for Economics, Accounting and Law”, New York and London: Routledge 2007.
  3. (with T. Suzuki, co-editor) « The Socio Economics of Accounting », special issue, Socio-Economic Review, 2007, n. 5 (4).
  4. Editor of Accounting, Economics and Law : A Convivium: Volume 1, Issue 3 (2011) ? “Corporations and the US constitution: Perspectives on “Citizens United” and its aftermath”
  5. Editor of Accounting, Economics and Law : A Convivium: Volume 2, Issue 2 (2012) ? “Ownership and the business firm: Implications for Corporate Governance and Law”
  6. “Money without value, accounting without measure: how economic theory can better fit the economic and monetary system we live in,” collected chapter in “Money and Calculation. Economic and sociological perspectives.” Edited by Massimo Amato, Luigi Doria and Luca Fantacci, London: Palgrave 2010
  7. “Should business and non-business accounting be different?”, International Journal of Public Administration, 2012
  8. “The Pure Logic of Accounting: A Critique of the Fair Value Revolution,” Accounting, Economics and Law: A Convivium, 2011 (1) 1, n° 7
  9. “Disagreement-based Trading and Speculation: Implications for financial Regulation and economic Theory,” Accounting, Economics and Law: A Convivium, 2011 (1) 1, n° 11
  10. “The Problem of Social Income: The Entity View of the Cathedral,” Seattle University Law Review, Vol. 34, No. 4, 2011.
  11. (Biondi et al.) “A Perspective on the Joint IASB/FASB Exposure Draft on Accounting for Leases,” Accounting Horizons, 25 (4), December 2011
  12. “Cost of capital, discounting, and relational contracting: Endogenous optimal return and duration for joint investment projects”, Applied Economics, e-print: January 2011
  13. (with C. Richard Baker and Zhang Q.) “Disharmony in international accounting standards setting: The Chinese approach to accounting for business combinations.” Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 21 (2), February 2010: 107-117
  14. « Entité Entreprise, monnaie, et comptabilité. Jalons pour un itinéraire de théorie économique », Economie appliquée, 2008 (2).
  15. “Schumpeter’s economic theory and the dynamic accounting view of the firm: Neglected pages from the Theory of Economic Development”, Economy and Society, 2008, 37 (4).


Founding Editor of Accounting, Economics and Law: A Convivium
Convener of the SASE research network n° P devoted to “Accounting, Economics, and Law”
Chair of the AAA Financial Accounting Standards Committee (FASC), August 2011 – 2013, member since August 2010

Other Interests

Traveling, swimming, cinema, poetry

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