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Bild 1465Prof. Dr. Henning ROSENAU
Full Professor of German, European and International Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, Medicine and Bio Law
Law Faculty of the University of Augsburg, Germany. Full Professor, Vice Dean for Finance, Director of the Institute for Criminal Law and Director of the Institute for Bio, Health and Medical Law(Germany)

Research Topics

Criminal Procedure, especially the appeal in Criminal Procedure – Biolaw, especially the law of clinical trials

Education and Academic Employment

1992 First State Exam in Law, Georg-August-Universität of Göttingen, Germany
1996 Second State Exam in Law, Appellate Court Celle, Germany
1996 Doctorate, Georg-August-Universität of Göttingen, Germany
1996 Assistent Professor (Wiss. Assistent), Georg-August-Universität of Göttingen, Germany
2004 Criminal Judge, Magistrates’ Court of Hamburg, Germany
2005 Habilitation in Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Comparative Criminal Law and Law of Medicine, Georg-August-Universität of Göttingen, Germany
2006 Full Professor of German, European and International Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, Medicine and Bio Law

Research Fields of Interest

  • Dogmatics of Criminal Law, General Part
  • Criminal Procedure, esp. Plea Bargaining, Appeal
  • European Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
  • Biolaw, esp. embryo, euthanasia, organ donotion, clinical trials, genetics

Selected Publications

  • Deathly shots in state order. Criminal responsibility of soldiers for the use of weapons at the German/German border (in German), 2nd edition 1998
  • Tendencies and reasons for the reform of the law of sexual crimes (in German), Strafverteidiger 1998, p. 388 ff.
  • Reproductive and therapeutic Cloning (in German), in: Festschrift Hans-Ludwig Schreiber 2003, 2nd edition 2005, p. 761 ff.
  • European criminal law and theory of criminal law (in Japanese and German), Comparative Law Review 37 (2003), 3: p. 1 ff.
  • The debate of cloning and the German stem cell law (in Japanese), in: Ryukoku University Law Review 35 (2003), p. 292 ff. and in: Law and ethic in the time of genetic, edited by Ishizuka, 2004, p. 326 ff.
  • The prohibition of cloning in Japan – the Japanese Law of the Regulation of cloning techniques from December 6, 2000 (in German), Zeitschrift für Japanisches Recht 2004, p. 109 ff.
  • Legal basics of psychiatric exploration (in German), in: Psychiatric Exploration, ed. by Foerster, 4th edition 2004, p. 53 ff.
  • The punishableness of acceptance of money by cities (in German), together with Schreiber et al., Goldtammer’s Archiv für Strafrecht 152 (2005), p. 265 ff.
  • Bioethic; Biotechnology; Euthanasia; Genetic, genetic technology; Transplantation (in German); in: Evangelisches Staatslexikon, ed. by Heun et al., 2006, p. 216 ff., 230 ff.; 516 ff.; 710 ff.; 2370 ff.; 2478 ff.
  • European legal policy to abandon capital punishment, ZIS 2006, p. 338 ff.
  • Subsequent preventive detention (in German), in: Festschrift Ulrich Venzlaff, 2006, p. 286 ff.
  • Globalisition of biopolicy, of biolaw and of bioethic? Life at its beginning and its end (in German), edited together with Hans-Ludwig Schreiber, Hans Lilie, Makoto Tadaki and Un Jong Pak, 2007
  • Europeanisation of criminal law. From the protection of the financial interests of the EG to a common european criminal code? (in German), ZIS 2008, p. 9 ff.
  • Standards of quality for medical treatment (in German), together with Kifmann, in: Standardisation by market and law, edited by Möllers, 2008 p. 49 ff.
  • Medical malpractise – abstracts of the 3rd Turkish – German symposion on medical law, edited together with Hakan Hakeri, 2008
  • The “enemy criminal law” of Jakobs as enemy of the law (in Japanese and German), Comparative Law Review 42 (2008), p. 75 ff.
  • The appeal on a question of law – control and securing of quality in criminal procedure (in German), in: Festschrift Gunter Widmaier, edited by Schöch et al., 2008, p. 521 ff.
  • §§ 32 – 37, 77 – 79 b, 284 – 287, 299, 331 – 338 StGB (in German), in: Kommentar zum StGB, edited by Satzger et al. 2009
  • §§ 111 – 121 StGB (in German), in: Leipziger Kommentar zum Strafgesetzbuch, edited by Laufhütte et al. 2009
  • The legal acceptance of reproductive and therapeutic cloning (in Japanese), The Hokkaido Law Review 59 (2008), p. 368 ff.
  • The setting of standards for transplantation (in Japanese), The Shizuoka University Journal of Law and Politics 14 (2009), p. 2 ff.
  • The hypothetic consent in criminal law (in Japanese), Comparative Law Review 43 (2009), p. 161 ff.
  • Plea bargaining in German criminal procedure (in Japanese), Criminal Law Journal 24 (2010), p. 41 ff.
  • The new development of the passive euthanasia (in Japanese), in: The Instiute of Comparative Law in Japan (ed.), Future of Comparative Study ni Law, Tokyo 2011, p. 269 ff.
  • Active euthanasia, in: Festschrift für Claus Roxin, edited by Heinrich et al. 2011, p. 577 ff.
  • Relevant questions of the Gene diagnostics Law and the duties of the gene diagnostics commission, in. The Gene diagnostic Law, edited by Duttge et al., 2011, p. 69 ff.

Other Interests

Hiking; Classical Music; Japan

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