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濵尾 泰

visiting_y_hamao濵尾 泰
Professor, University of Southern California
Ph.D. in Financial Economics (Yale University)

Research Topics

Corporate Finance, Behavioral Finance, International Financial Markets, Japanese Financial Markets

Education and Academic Employment

1978.3 東京大学経済学部経済学科卒業 学士(経済学)
1983.5 イェール大学MBA
1984.5 イェール大学MA
1987.5 イェール大学Ph.D.
1987.7 カリフォルニア大学サンディエゴ校助教授
1991.7 コロンビア大学助教授、准教授
1998.7 南カリフォルニア大学教授
2014.9 – 12 ヴィジティング・フェロー、コロンビア・ビジネススクール

Research Fields of Interest

  • Corporate Finance
  • Behavioral Finance
  • International Financial Markets
  • Japanese Financial Markets

Selected Publications

  1. “Nationalism and Economic Exchange: Evidence from Shocks to Sino-Japanese Relations,” with Raymond Fisman and Yongxiang Wang, Review of Financial Studies (2014).
  2. “Living with the Enemy: An Analysis of Foreign Equity Investment in Japan,” with Jianping Mei, Journal of International Money and Finance, Vol. 20-5 (2001).
  3. “An Analysis of Bidding in the Japanese Government Bond Auctions,” with Narasimhan Jegadeesh, Journal of Finance, Vol. 53-2 (1998).
  4. “Securities Trading in the Absence of Dealers: Trades and Quotes on the Tokyo Stock Exchange,” with Joel Hasbrouck, Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 8-3 (1995).
  5. “Predictable Stock Returns in the U.S. and Japan: A Study of Long-Term Capital Market Integration,” with John Campbell, Journal of Finance, Vol. 47-1 (1992).

Professional Affiliations

  • American Finance Association
  • American Economic Association
  • Western Finance Association
  • European Finance Association


2009 – 2015 Grant aid from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan
1999 – 2014 Grant from CIBEAR Program (funded by the U.S. Department of Education), University of Southern California
1994 – 1998 Grant from Center on Japan-U.S. Business and Economic Studies, New York University
1994 – 1999 Grant from East Asian Institute, Columbia University
1992 Nominated for Smith Breeden Awards for Best Paper Published in Journal of Finance, American Finance Association
1992 Grant from the Futures Center, Columbia University
1991 – 1992 Batterymarch Fellowship
1991 – 1998 Research support from Mitsubishi Trust and Banking Associate Professorship at Columbia University
1991 American Association of Individual Investors Award for best paper in investments, Western Finance Association
1987 – 1991 University of California Committee on Research Grant
1986 – 1987 J.P Morgan Scholarship



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