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FUJITA, Tomohiro


FUJITA, Tomohiro


Ph.D. in Science


Assistant Professor


Research Topic

Dark Matter Search with new astronomical observations and optical experiments

Thanks to recent developments of cosmic observation, it has been found that more than 80% of matter in our universe is composed by unknown DARK MATTER. Since Dark matter plays a central role in structure formation, an environment that human beings comfortably live would not be realized without dark matter. Combining new astronomical observations, optical experiments and theoretical research, I am exploring the nature of dark matter.

Education and Academic Employment

2021-present Assistant Professor (Waseda Institute for Advanced Study)

2020-2021 ICRR Fellow (Institute for Cosmic Ray Reserch, the University of Tokyo)

2018-2019 Japan-Swiss Young Researcher Exchange Programme Visiting Researcher (Université de Genève)

2017-2020 JSPS Research Fellow (PD) (Kyoto University, theoretical astrophysics group)

2015-17 JSPS Oversea Research Fellow (Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics)

2015 Ph.D. in Science (the University of Tokyo)

Fields of Research Interests

Cosmology, dark matter, large scale structure, inflation

Academic Publications
  • “Detection of isotropic cosmic birefringence and its implications for axion-like particles including dark energy”, T. Fujita, K. Murai, H. Nakatsuka and S. Tsujikawa. Phys.Rev.D 103 (2021) 043509 [arXiv: 11894].
  • “Perturbative description of bias tracers using consistency relations of LSS ”, T. Fujita and Z. Vlar. JCAP 10, 059 (2020) [arXiv:2003.10114].
  • “DANCE: Dark matter Axion search with riNg Cavity Experiment”, Y. Michimura, Y. Oshima, T. Watanabe, T. Kawasaki, H. Takeda, M. Ando, K. Nagano, I. Obata and T. Fujita. J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 1468, 012032 (2020) [arXiv:1911.05196].
  • “Axion Dark Matter Search with Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors”, K. Nagano, T. Fujita, Y. Michimura and I. Obata. Phys. Rev. Lett. 123 111301, (2019) [arXiv:1903.02017].
  • “Hunting Axion Dark Matter with Protoplanetary Disk Polarimetry”, T. Fujita, R. Tazaki and K. Toma. Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 191101 (2019) [arXiv:1811.03525].
  • “Optical Ring Cavity Search for Axion Dark Matter”, I. Obata, T. Fujita and Y. Michimura. Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 161301 (2018) [arXiv:1805.11753].
  • “Large Tensor Non-Gaussianity from Axion-Gauge Fields Dynamics”, A. Agrawal, T. Fujita and E. Komatsu. Phys. Rev. D. 97, 103526 (2018) [arXiv:1707.03023].
  • “Primordial Gravitational Waves from Axion-Gauge Fields Dynamics”, E. Dimastrogiovanni, M. Fasiello and T. Fujita. JCAP 1701, 019 (2017) [arXiv:1608.04216].
  • “Fermionic Schwinger effect and induced current in de Sitter space”, T. Hayashinaka, T. Fujita and Jun’ichi Yokoyama. JCAP 1607, 010 (2016) [arXiv:1603.04165]
  • “Large-scale magnetic fields can explain the baryon asymmetry of the Universe”, T. Fujita and K. Kamada. Phys. Rev. D 93, 083520 (2016) [arXiv:1602.02109].
  • “Consistent generation of magnetic fields in axion inflation models”, T. Fujita, R. Namba, Y. Tada, N. Takeda and H. Tashiro. JCAP 1505, 054 (2015) [arXiv:1503.05802].
  • “A new algorithm for calculating the curvature perturbations in stochastic inflation”, T. Fujita, M. Kawasaki, Y. Tada and T. Takesako. JCAP 1312, 036 (2013) [arXiv:1308.4754].
  • “Universal upper limit on inflation energy scale from cosmic magnetic field”, T. Fujita and S. Mukohyama. JCAP 1210, 034 (2012) [arXiv:1205.5031].
Other Interests

Japanese Tea Ceremony, Hiking

Affiliated Academic Organizations

The Physical Society of Japan


2014 Outstanding Presentation Award Gold Prize, 24th Japanese workshop on General Relativity and Gravitation (JGRG 24)

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