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AIZAWA, Toshiaki


AIZAWA, Toshiaki


PhD in Economics


Assistant Professor



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Examining the effectiveness of India’s conditional maternal benefit programme on infant survival: Using data to clarify health inequality in developing countries

Research Topic

Transition of the inequality in non-communicable diseases in low- and middle-income countries in Asia

Due to rapid economic development over the past 20 years, most Asian countries enjoy longer life expectancies. However, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and strokes, now outnumber infectious diseases as a cause of death. As prevalence of NCDs are substantially influenced by both individual lifestyles and socioeconomic status, its socioeconomic inequality has also been greatly changing. My research aims to develop methodological framework in the health inequality study and provide empirical evidence that would contribute to policies in low- and middle-income countries in Asia.

Education and Academic Employment

2020, University of York, PhD in Economics
2016, University of Tokyo, Master of Public Policy
2014, University of Edinburgh, MSc in Economics
2013, Keio University, BA in Business and Commerce

Professional experiences:

2019, Asian Development Bank, Consultant
2014-2016, Asian Development Bank Institute, Research Associate

Fields of Research Interests

Health Economics, Development Economics, Applied microeconomics

Academic Publications
  1. Does the Expanded Eligibility of Conditional Cash Transfers Enhance Healthcare Use among Socio-economically Disadvantaged Mothers in India?, Journal of Development Effectiveness, (Forthcoming)
  2. Do Cash Transfers Increase Nutritional Intake? Experimental Evidence from an Unconditional Cash Transfer in Kenya, Health Policy and Planning, (Forthcoming)
  3. Trajectory of Inequality of Opportunity in Child Height Growth: Evidence from the Young Lives Study, Demographic Research (2020) 45(7): 165-202
  4. Joint Impact of the Conditional Cash Transfer on Child Nutritional Status and Household Expenditure in Indonesia, Journal of Human Capital (2020), 14(1): 122–164
  5. Ex-ante Inequality of Opportunity in Child Malnutrition: New Evidence from Ten Developing Countries in Asia, Economics & Human Biology (2019) 35: 144-161
  6. Impacts of the Community Block Grant Programme on School Resources, Environment and Management in Indonesia, Education Economics (2019) 27: 521-545
  7. Urban Developments and Health: Evidence from the Distributional Analysis of Biomarkers in China, SSM-Population Health (2019) 8: 1-18
  8. The Impact of Health Insurance on Out-of-pocket Expenditure on Delivery in Indonesia, Health Care for Women International (2019) 40(12): 1374-1395
  9. Transition of the BMI Distribution in India: Evidence from a Distributional Decomposition Analysis, Journal of Bioeconomics (2019) 21(1): 3—36
  10. Inequality in the Treatment of Diabetes and Hypertension across Residency Status in China, Ethnicity & Health (2018) (in press)
  11. Regional Disparity in the BMI Distribution of Indonesian People: New Evidence “Beyond the Mean”, Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies (2018) 54(1): 85-112
  12. Socioeconomic Inequality in Excessive Body Weight in Indonesia, with Matthias Helble, Economics &Human Biology (2017) 27 (Part B): 315-327
  13. International Trade and Determinants of Price Differentials of Insulin Medicine, with Matthias Helble, Health Policy and Planning (2017) 32(1): 1-10
Other Interests


Affiliated Academic Organizations

International Health Economics Association
Japan Health Economics Association


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